Football for those over 20

Football is probably the most accessible sport. It’s No wonder Hicks from Brazilian favelas to become brilliant players, and therefore millionaires. Because football need a minimum: legs and round thing. The legendary Socrates and Garincha have honed the skills of BOS, and instead of a ball they had the pit in the avocado. And the gate is not necessary. Put two bricks – and order. And all is well and everyone is happy. In childhood it is perceived absolutely normally the goalkeeper, driver «edinal» from gate to gate is not considered.» But over time, the passion for football though remains, but play less. And in vain, because the opportunities to drive the ball became more and health benefits have not diminished. Article is for anyone who loves football and is not afraid to get on his feet.

With friends and box

There are many ways to play. One hell of lucky remains the same circle of friends, former team, and on Saturday morning they’re going to kick the ball. Personally, I was fortunate to meet with old acquaintances before we disappeared for hours on the field. Now we lost to the usual city box on a Saturday morning because Sunday morning to get up early, but to run is unlikely. This begs the question: where? This problem can not be. Every city has at least several good boxes, where you can come and play. However, there still were crazy old women who believe that the field is made for beauty, so play it no one should. For those who fear the retirement of wrath, there is a paid field. The amounts are quite different: from 500 rubles an hour to 2,000. It all depends on the field, the greed of the owner and other factors. For a big company amount quite lifting. No rules, no limits. Share how work, and enjoy sports and almost forgotten atmosphere. Nobody will laugh at what you don’t know how to fill. Nothing, at the same time remind you, what was your nickname in 7th grade. The most important thing is to find friends who can find time and effort. The desire to have many, but no time. And the realization that the condition is not those greatly lowers their enthusiasm.

Amateur tournaments

Often, however, to find accomplices is quite difficult, and run with strangers is not all comfortable and nice. If you’re 17-20, then no problems. Go to the area on the lovely and painfully familiar to every bump stadium. The faces of nice people, friends, and the presence of rivals is guaranteed. Plus you can always pull up a couple of friends who also want to try to score, «as Pogba in the last match». But, unfortunately, out of such a situation is not always the case. Some of what is called «zapadlo» to take a team of the unknown. Then come to the aid of numerous Amateur clubs who participate in Amateur tournaments. The only level of responsibility grows slightly. At least you need to be able to get the ball and keep up with the pace.

Amateur football is somewhat like a large, only the Championships are held all year round, prices are lower and there is no limit on foreign players. It is rather fun for those who want something more than just play football. In the team there are certainly persons who were engaged in nogomyach professionally, played for the reserves or youth team «together with Alexander Kokorin», is now trying to justify the fact that he’s a football player. These guys set the bar can not keep up.

Under Amateur tournaments, we do not mean LFL, where matches are held just a day, and target people much more serious. If you’re willing to give the game fully day work and in the evening to play, and most importantly, you really know how to play, the Amateur Football League is waiting for you, and you simple Manager, will play in the 1/32 finals of the Russian Cup with a professional club. A miracle recently happened with the «miner» from a modest and little-known town of Peshelan, in the Nizhny Novgorod region.

Corporate League

If you’ve studied hard, and tried thinking about going to get a serious company, take an interest, do not take it in the corporate football League. This League is in any respect, and even despise myself cities. Every company Executive knows how important a close-knit, friendly team. And the best way to bring people together and transform colleagues, good friends – it’s not massive fines and dismissal, and sports.

The competitions, which are held a corporate League football, allowed, Amateur, Amateur team, created under organizations. The age of the participants varied from 17 to 65 years. There are teams of the local police, and another branch of each of the second Bank, government agencies, large companies more and more often they solve their questions not only the methods of blackmail, assassinations, bases, takeovers and other forms of competition, and on the football field. At the same time you, the negligent employee, you receive a chance to Express themselves, but still doing what he loved.

From Tarantino had a theory that nobody actually likes the sport. Men believe that they must love him, and pretending. It is unclear how the idol came to that, but he was not right. We love sport, in particular football, emotions and the holiday atmosphere, mixed with the spirit of competition. Football is a kind of battle, and before particularly important and interesting matches in the air is intense feeling.


No matter you are chasing the ball across the field or watching the match from the side, coming up with physiological curse after conceding a goal, and was really happy with goal scoring. At such moments, want to show the world your football preferences, to show whose side you’re on and who to fight in this battle. This is fan-made merchandise: hoodies, t-shirts and scarves, eloquently declare your favorite team.

Fans of the most popular teams of Russia — «Spartak Moscow» — never had a problem with the merchandise, on which was depicted a legendary diamond. But special attention is given Fratria Shop, the only fan store in Russia, which makes clothing, paraphernalia, Souvenirs, the most by fans, for fans. But in terms of quality with him pales in comparison to most of the official stores merchandise clubs of RPL.

If you do not play with anyone

If you do play with someone, come to the aid of your money and sports clubs. Organized games and exercise for everyone over 18 years old. Just sign up your name, come and play with those who really love football. And will enjoy, and acquaintances will acquire. In Moscow, for example, Superfootball. Almost every major city has a place like that. Where do even fitness clubs.

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