Football fan hit a referee with vuvuzela


You remember the vuvuzela? Don’t remember exactly in which world Cup were these incredibly scary tubes of death, but now without them, according to fans, none of the football championship. Although the owners of the vuvuzela, of course, want to make one…

In South Africa during the match between two local teams, the existence of which to this story, most likely, nobody knew there was this funny story.

Fan one of the teams after the removal of one player from the field ran onto the field during the game. But to remove the player for what it was: he played very aggressive and rude and his red card was deserved, but the fans did not think so. Dude ran to the judges and how to put it vuvuzelas on the head. On the official website mentioned that the fan does not have time to do that, but in the video it is clear that the skinny kid has hit the referee on the head. The field ran and the other dude, but managed to hold.

Now what happens to the guy, it is not clear, but we do know that the game ended in a draw: 0:0.

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