Fool’s gold: the most overrated things in life man

manygoodtips.com_21.05.2014_6NWDvFpE3nOUZLife, if you think about it, not such a bad thing. It has so many beautiful and meaningful, and doing and searching for interesting make it even more attractive. We constantly find something new, and that we forget. Throughout our lives we are waiting for things that should, in the opinion of the company, must turn over our life. Society is somehow convinced that without these things you cannot do, because they are important to each person. If they do not experience the hard way, your life will be incomplete and devoid of meaning.

Unfortunately, many of those things are positive changes, quite the contrary: they ruin everything. There may be some things are worth the wait and try. But there are those who strongly overestimated.

1. Growing up

It’s safe to say that in childhood more than anything want to be adults, and grow up afraid. Suffice it to recall Peter pan. The desire to go back at least for a day we are not alone — everyone at least once dreamed to relive the excitement of the first trip to the shooting range with his father or from getting a birthday Dendy console.

You need time to grow up. If you too early get older, you will lose the amazing ability to sincerely enjoy the little things. For you it will be a passed stage. Everything should be done gradually so you do not become a gloomy person. We want to become adults because most life opens before us new opportunities. Here we grow, become more hairy, but not older, just great. And what we are not ready, because were not in a preparatory period right.

2. Higher education

Benefits of diploma in any color — the subject of numerous disputes. Someone says that it’s mandatory, who opposes, and someone who adheres to the Golden mean. We believe that higher education is not always useful. It should at least try to, but much to hope for a «crust» not worth it.

The most beautiful thing in higher education is student life, without which you can do. Its saturation depends only on the will of the case, and no matter which University and what faculty, you enrolled. Like the University large sections of dark, circles on interests sea, but student life is not at all. People came in pairs, sat down, exchanged words and went on Affairs. You can have inert unfriendly group, and your University will be a semblance of social life, not life itself. Sometimes we confuse the period of studentship with the usual period of terrible booze in the hostel. The difference lies in the fact that in addition to constant partying and trying to do coursework for two days, you won’t remember. So student life is or luck, or careful search her.

3. Money

We all want money, don’t be a hypocrite! Coins and bills is an important part of our society, which greatly simplifies it. Unfortunately, some people see money as the ultimate goal, while they are the means to achieve goals. We must treat them right!

4. Sex for one night

About how much porn was removed on this topic! How many men’s fantasies revolve around this simple phenomenon! But in fact, it might not be so cool.

Sex is great, but only with certain people. Sex for one night to just. Find weak or sad girl — and forward. The only problem is that great sex requires a certain combination of physical and mental attraction. Sex for one night is often reminiscent of a good Masturbation. Besides, you don’t know what to expect from this girl, suddenly she pulls from her purse a whip-semicondu with spikes?! Why are we doing this? To feel like the alpha male, to diversify life, or just to sex. But all this variety of dubious quality.

5. Alcohol

The booze is a drug too. Socially approved, but a drug. It’s one thing to SIP the wine, another to drink six liters for two people and go figure out why the world doesn’t respect you.

Most often we drink alcohol to relax and get away from problems. In the morning comes the hangover, headache or heaviness in the stomach, and that’s why the problems remain. Zero relaxation, zero help. Why? Know your limits, man!

6. Work, as a way of life

To find a job after uni — for granted. We say nothing against parents have to live alone, and you need to separate from family. But that’s no reason to work only for food. You don’t really like working in this place? You do not see the prospects, the salary is not satisfied, and the team boring? But you need something to live! Do not think that the lives and interests of an adult are limited to work — it is not. If you have no opportunity to find a new interesting job, I suggest you urgently get a hobby, otherwise your life will be empty.

7. Marriage

No one is saying that marriage is forever, never done. Now easy to get a divorce and produce bastards the presence of his wife never hurt anyone.

Marriage does not change anything in the relationship. He doesn’t keep people from breaking, not strengthens their lives and nothing changes in the heads. Marriage is incredibly overrated by society, and the need for each person to leave offspring.

8. Vacation

Of course, take a break from unloved work you need, but to do it properly. If the time does not count, where to go, what to do and what to see, you can begin to seriously miss the work, normal life and frankly tired… of vacation. Why is this important event in the life of every working person so overrated? Because we do not know how to relax.

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