Foolish the wisdom of the eternal bad advice

manygoodtips.com_11.04.2014_gORnqFf5yaslMWe’ve learned that with age you become smarter, more experienced and acquire useful skills. So we were taught in childhood that we have carried through life. This is ideal, and it is absolutely not true. Sometimes you look at an elderly person and understand that he lived a life not in vain. He has something to tell me what he has achieved, a lot can and generally a good person. You can clearly see that during his long life, he rethought a lot of things. This man deserves respect, because the mental activity, physical works and interesting views on life — that’s what we appreciate others. Other people look and think: what have you been doing all this time? Eternal insults, doubtful advances and doubtful wisdom — that represent these people. Their views were never the same since childhood, these people almost have not learned anything, have not read the books, but grew angry at the world. They have not experienced respect, despite the fact that old age decided to respect.

There are other eternal bad advice. Someone once came up with a good phrase, and the people picked up, turning into wisdom. Well, however, such phrases have accumulated. Need to know what each situation has a number of private occasions, so think with your head, don’t go the safe route, which can lead you where you didn’t want to come.

1. Never give up

Sometimes it is still possible to retreat. Especially when you’re banging your head into a concrete wall. In any situation you need to understand when it is a chance to get out and when not. The ratio to the loss as unacceptable things wrong. To be able not only to reproduce but also to think. Nerve cell to save money, regroup and once again go into battle.

2. Do not test any regrets

Don’t test long remorse, don’t go back to the past again and again and not live them. There’s nothing wrong with that you are able to spare — that means you’re still human.

3. Keep your enemies close

Do not have them. Or even ignore it. Man, well who is the enemy? Of the mafia bosses, in the medieval feudal, those in power and other people have written about action adventure and mystery novels. Ordinary people enemies does not happen. That’s a good name for competitors, m*Dacian dudes negative and unsympathetic people idiots and other people who make us uncomfortable and put a spoke in the wheel. You have no enemies, calm down. And they should not have.

4. Respect your elders

For what? For age? We do not encourage beating the Babushka on the street. Give in place, help is normal and a good thing. Elderly and old people can be stupid, angry, bitchy, and just an overgrown infantile and m*Dacians. In the same way as people of any age. This does not make them better or worse, weaker, Yes.

5. Every story has two sides

No, sometimes history, sometimes three, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. No need to look for a deeper meaning.

6. Never trust your first impression

It is generally true. But if a man behaves like a fool at the first meeting, a second chance he didn’t deserve. This is the same what to wipe, when you spit in the face and then wait: all of a sudden this man will be revealed and you will see his great empathetic nature. This can be forgiven to people I know for longer time.

7. Free cheese is only in mousetrap

Another folk wisdom, generated some anger in the world. This «wisdom» is steeped in paranoia. Of course, if you are offered a huge salary for a half day of work for an unknown uncle — believe in this wisdom, because it is absolutely true. Life throws us opportunities. People who treat us well, can you give us some free bread rolls. In life there are good points that should not be missed. It happens and moments, which need a long time to go. Only including the head, you know, cheat on you or want to help.

8. The early bird catches the worm

And what about owls? Owls are known perfectly adapt themselves to any regime, in contrast to the larks. But still it excruciatingly hard to get up early in the morning. I think you know that feeling when you kind of slept in, but still cannot work productively. But when the clock shows a particular time, you realize that you are at the peak of their mental and physical capabilities and make the job significantly more productive and faster.

9. Live with wolves — wolf howl

Of course, sometimes going against all — very bad idea, but with a little mimic. But how do you need to live with the wolves? We wrote so many times that you have to avoid the bad companies and bad people.! You shouldn’t become a bad person if you have around bad people. Completely change their habits for the sake other people are also not recommended because it is banal hypocrisy.

10. Deeds speak louder than words

Words and deeds are equal. It all depends on quality of the done. Someone will say the word, and nothing will change, and eloquent man, these words will roll of the mountain. There are people case. Their deeds do speak louder than words. But only their words, for the words, they said, much worse than what they are doing. And there are those who have the hands of assholes with them and everything is clear.

11. Repetition is the mother of learning

To repeat what you knew and have forgotten a great idea. But if all you do is repetition, it seems that you never get anywhere. You need to learn something new. Repetition is the work with the same weight, which does not lead to progress. This mixture of perfectionism and procrastination.

12. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you

That is, the person who feeds you, you can do anything you want? This situation is a little reminiscent of «parent protest» from one of our article. Someone a certain time, it feeds you, but feeds not just that you lived, and that he had a right to demand that you fulfill this or that action. Is it good?

13. All good things must end

Something ends and something begins. Perhaps it will grow into another good, and might give you useful experience. Why the negativity?

14. Can’t win? Join us!

Another hypocrisy and mimicry. Nobody thought that people can be principles? But if it is the fascists, the nationalists and just not very nice people?

15. Every penny counts

In General, the correct saying. But some really think that it is better to buy low-quality things and wear old clothes to save some money. They buy cheap sausages, poor quality clothes and eat Shawarma from a nearby market. You need to try to invest properly, buy a quality product and not to spend money on trivia. Sometimes you need to buy the expensive quality stuff that really will last a long time, not cheap stuff that will break in a month. Avaricious pays twice — the correct adage.

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