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No one wants to admit that he’s aging. However, we have no one asks, and it’s not going anywhere. In the meantime, we grow, but we continue to go to parties. Although in this case «party» isn’t the right word that confuses us.

When you were a student, the word «party» meant a crazy festival of food, drink and music, where everyone wanted to get there, and if they did not, they bite their elbows from regret. What happens at adult parties?

My friend has friends — the same couple that lives together. Recently, we rode bikes, went to see him for a visit, drank mulled wine, ate fruit and went home. When he came to us suddenly realized that we behave like our parents. I remember as a child those trips to friends of the family, when adults sit at the table and you include the cartoons on VHS or give a look at encyclopedia about dinosaurs? They’re there to discuss about work, and about who went where and what you saw, and you sit and think that will never be.

You were wrong. Will. It has already become. Well, if you go to visit friends, but it happens that in one place just going familiar with each other and not very interested in each other people — the variability of buglife countless. You’re sitting at the table, drinking coffee and is amazing and exciting things to discuss this.

How’s work?

No one cares about your work. Even you yourself do not care deeply for their work. And here we all are, then, sitting at the table, passing the bowl of salad and telling who is doing what and how he does it. There is nothing more boring than trying to tell the left man, what is the essence of your work and how exactly you do it, especially if you’re both wearing the same shirt from the same store.


Well, if you sit in the place that you visited before, otherwise, prepare to hear stories about unique interiors and electronics gadgets that the owners of the house. Especially true if someone got a new apartment. Our friends are normal, just showed and all, but there are people who begins a detailed story of all the twists and turns of the permutation out of the bed over in that corner, because now if the room has more space, just look at the way we visually enlarged the space!


«What wonderful are days, and do the Indian summer! We have never had such a beautiful fall (we have never been snowed in so early — depending on the circumstances). Let’s open the Windows! The predictions all lie, on Monday I hired an umbrella and I never took!» And this is not the end — this language can be continued and continued. Thank you, sweet man, and I in the last days was just on another planet and didn’t manage to catch all these climatic wonders, but now it is so nice to hear the latest news.


I don’t have kids, so you can consider me a monster, whose heart of stone. But at least I’ve not 50 and I don’t eat them. Still I hasten to note that I do not really understand all the enthusiasm of a relatively small Tipakov in the arena. When they grow up and can throw me the ball, even if I have to bring them to him with my own hands, it will be something. You can talk about cartoons, and how is kotofey, and about fishing, and that boiled onions are absolutely impossible — but while I slightly understand what there is to discuss. Well, he hangs out there, not crying, and well. Let them continue their business.

Food on the table

When the previous topic has been exhausted, there comes a time when you can compliment a salad or burgers. Think about them while anything is possible, but here, as with the dead or good or anything. And if you say nothing, then nothing is important, so go all start desperately praise. Yeah well, but the hostess is nice.

Where all was recently

This is honestly my favorite part. I like to listen to stories about travel and myself to talk about them. First, it is informative and interesting. Second, it’s meaningful communication, rather than keeping the conversation on its last legs. Thirdly, it sometimes helps to figure out where we go next time. One caveat: when it comes to beach holiday, I immediately lose interest. Well, think about it, who wants to listen to someone all day lying on the sand, swam, dove and ate before losing momentum in the all inclusive? Don’t know about you, but I immediately begin to think that caught up with narrow-minded people.


As we have said, we are gradually beginning to turn into our parents. An integral part of their TUS was the theme «do you remember?» and now it takes pride of place in our conversations. «Remember how we second year went to the concert and mixed clubs, the result is lost performance?» «I remember we once got drunk in the Botanical garden, a whiskey and coke, and then couldn’t find out when it was dark?» «I remember I scored three three-pointers in a row?» This part of the party can be enjoyable because of the warm memories always warm, the company at once rallying, and all be you more pleasant.

Funny videos

Some people are absolute fans of different videos, and this passion sometimes takes a truly alarming proportions. They can tell or cute cat videos (Oh, usually girls) that they have reviewed thousands: cat vacuum, cat meows underwater, fireman saves kitten, the cat put on his head a paper bag — and it all falls out on you in an endless stream. Guys usually discuss funny videos, endlessly quoting the immortal speech of the characters in the movie: «you Can not swear?» «Oh*wanna party in La!» — dude, I’ve seen enough of this, why should I even here? Although about Yuri in the blue I most liked.


It reminds me of the movie «Trainspotting». When the male and female parties are separated, the theme supposedly is shared. Dudes talking about football and girls about clothes. Although in reality — together. So the themes of football, basketball and other things are discussed when they are together. Women rarely making conversation and frankly bored, even though I have a rare stroke of luck: a friend even knows the names of the players of the basketball team for which we cheer.


In our days we spend a lot of time looking at the screens of our mobile phones that they are considered a worthwhile topic of conversation. Especially when someone buys something new. The new firmware is a topic for discussion for a good 15 minutes: pros and cons. New launcher — that’s it show me urgently. A new app that allows you to control Windows without a mouse? A rush, a handy thing! And it all frays quite a long time. While it’s true that off a movie from the couch and then go to bed rather than run to the mouse.

Actually, not so bad to see such gatherings. What do you want to discuss with friends? Always literature and philosophy? Oh, come on. It does not happen, even if you really want to feel spiritually rich man. Sometimes it is best just to talk about GTA 5 or a new salad recipe — somehow more humane.

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