Foods that should always be in your fridge


The choice of what to throw into the furnace of his body, is always an important mission for any guy. On the one hand, you can eat healthy food, but not always tasty. On the other, you can always throw yourself something tasty, but terribly unhealthy. But there are foods that should always be in your refrigerator because they will be suitable for a person who is trying to limit yourself and monitor their health, and for a person to follow the diet does not intend to, but reduced to eating instant noodles also not in a hurry.

1. Water

Your refrigerator should always be clean drinking water without gas. First, every person for the normal functioning of should drink enough liquid in a pure form, of course, this does not mean that you will die if you don’t put you drink two liters of water a day, but your health can greatly improve if you get themselves such a useful habit.

2. Coffee

Even if you have no problem with raising yourself in the morning, someday there will come a time when you urgently need to Wake myself up to start a new day. Coffee, even instant Burda will help you in this matter. In addition, caffeine in small amounts will not harm. Most importantly, do not drink more than 5 cups of coffee a day, otherwise sleep will be poor.

3. Milk

Even if you hate milk, you can make coffee. Well, or add it to coffee to the guests. However, if you don’t have lactose intolerance, highly recommend for you to drink coffee. Vitamins a, vitamins C and a hell of a lot of vitamins along with amino acids and trace minerals will help you to be healthy from all sides.

4. Eggs

They can fry, can boil, can be done with pancakes, in a word, the products, the absence of which in the refrigerator may cause you to die of hunger from not knowing what to cook. White or brown eggs are a great source of protein, iron and phosphorus which are good for your teeth and bones. Just eat them every day. And the yolks contain large amounts of cholesterol, which in small amounts is good for the heart.

5. Any meat

Ideally, of course, be kept in the refrigerator lean meat type beef, Turkey, chicken or different chicken parts. From this simple range you can make yourself boiled meat, sandwiches to work, stews, roasts and a variety of dishes for every taste. Good digestibility of meat and a huge amount of nutrients contained in it worthy of mention in this article.

6. Bread

Ideally, the bread, of course, is not worth it. But it is very useful, it is necessary to recognize, especially if it’s bread from the lower grades. So before you become the path of weight loss, eat the bread, but remember that it is really difficult to refuse.

And now we will celebrate «healthy» foods that should be in the fridge for those bro who want to be healthy, to be fit and beautiful.

7. Salad

Lettuce, arugula and other leaves and herbs that are really useful to have a place in our refrigerator. You can make salad, stuff them in the morning a sandwich or just to eat, pre-washed of the dirt of the hypermarket.

8. Carrots

The best natural source of vitamin a in nature. Beta-carotene in carrots is also just above the roof. It is possible to extinguish, there are so, but in any case, this useful vegetable.

9. Bow

In addition to the obvious usefulness as a seasoning for many dishes, onions are quite useful in General. Like his younger brother…

10. Garlic

The garlic will help to rescue any dish from the lack of spice and zest. Not only in case spice is not sweet enough. Sauces and soups without garlic look listless and dull. Garlic and onions are great for boosting the immune system of a person.

11. Apples

Don’t know how true the hypothesis that eating an Apple a day saves a man from cancer, bad moods and a lack of iron. In any case, Apple can be both to eat and to give to a woman that she made him pies. Apples are a great source of fiber, potassium, pectin and vitamin A.

And now on to the products that are difficult to specify, although their use is obvious.

12. Lemons

Of lemon can make the marinade, in salad dressing and add it to tea. In addition, every person knows that in case of cold lemon need to eat. You can even a. Nutritional value in lemon also on the level: to the heap of vitamin C, iron and healthy protein.

13. Ketchup

If you still can not refuse to pour the red mass to his food, think about ketchup. Try not to buy cheap shit, nobody knows what is prepared. If you are overweight, you must be interested to know that ketchup is a lot of sugar, starch and carbohydrates. In short, not a useful Supplement to the main food.

14. Mustard

Unlike ketchup, mustard much more useful. Its range is also quite large, although not as much as ketchup. Sweet mustard, honey mustard, spicy mustard with whole seeds is all that I could remember, but her much more.

15. Chilled wine or beer

Wine is good for health, although many do not argue with this. The usefulness of these products is that when you someone walks in the evening, you can always offer a drink. And it’s like… politely.

16. Baking soda

It can be used as a leavening agent for the dough, and you can use it to clean the pan. When you suddenly run out of toothpaste you can use baking soda to keep your teeth clean.

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