Follow the dream

manygoodtips.com_8.07.2014_ic5eyqDnVi8KzMost likely, you dream about something more interesting than new sneakers. And if so, prepare to have a path to the goal will be long and arduous, and clearly could not meet in one day walking around the Shoe stores.

But what happens when you start to bring your dream to life.

1. You get out of the comfort zone

And you will understand what after all it is boring — permanent stay in her.

2. You will be scared

However, after you succeed, nothing scares you now, will not seem terrible.

3. Sometimes you’ll feel insecure

There are two choices in this situation: take a little time out and recharge for a decision, or to let go of doubts and take a chance. Both options are equally acceptable. Even if the second option will lead you to feil, definitely he will be a valuable experience.

4. Will be tempted to log back into the «comfort zone»

But we both know that «sbychu dream» takes place only abroad.

5. You’re going to doubt the rationality of your decisions

And the vast majority of the people around you will also doubt your mental health. The main thing here is to think with your head and not to succumb to the profanation of the environment.

6. You can’t please everyone

Mother wanted you to become a pilot, but the trouble is that you dream about having your own tattoo shop? OK, mom should love. However, to abandon their own way in life, for the satisfaction of her desire to see her son in a beautiful form, is not worth it.

7. You realize that you really are nothing

You know that you’re able to stand on his feet and without assistance. And that’s cool.

8. You new look at their own resources

The desire to do what you love, you suddenly realize that you have something to offer the world.

9. You will meet some really great people

Sooner or later you will find around you the same as you: with burning eyes, obsessed with the desire to make dreams a reality.

10. You will learn to be patient

Because, most likely, the dream path will be long and arduous.

11. You realize that things are not so bad

Drunk in the trash, you hit the most dangerous area of the city at 2am. And survived! You might not even robbed. So, don’t worry, a couple of months without a permanent job you just stretch.

12. You will be surprised

When you finally get it, you’ll wonder why you waited so long, why were you afraid to act before.

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