Folding knives from Lone Wolf

The history of folding knives worthy of a separate article, but today we present to your attention folding knives from Lone Wolf company.

Lone Wolf 40040-100 8″ Big Water Fillet blade for those who enjoy fishing. At least convince us manufacturers. An eight-inch blade has the shape, great for butchering fish. The blade is held secure by clasps on the back of a knife. This mount need to pull out to use. The length of the knife Lone Wolf 40040-100 8″ Big Water Fillet — 14 inches. Weight — 90 grams. The handle is made of polymeric materials with rubber inserts. The blade is made of stainless steel in China. The set includes a nylon case. The cost of the knife — $ 30.


The second blade is much more versatile. Its handle is wood-panelled and has a dedicated button for easy, safe open, which is very pleasing because most modern knives are revealed quite uncomfortable and can hurt its owner. No special skill to open it with one hand. All the elements of the knife is made by hand. The blade is forged from stainless steel, LEGIROVANNOGO of chromium and vanadium. Knife length closed is 4 inches. Weight — 113 grams. Made in China. Included is a nylon carrying case. The cost of the knife $ 40.


The last small blade dual Lone Wolf Crosscurrent Stag 40018-100. Mechanism to retrieve the knives do not have, but they have a notch that you can pick up a nail. The blade is quite attractive. Knife length closed is 3.5 inches. Weight — 70 grams. Stainless steel with chrome plating. The cost of the knife — $ 30.

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