Folding knife of Damascus steel

Production technology of Damascus steel, until recently, been a mystery, her secret was discovered relatively recently that I personally pleasantly warms the soul. Damascus steel is fraught with something subtly masculine, stylish and mysterious. East — a delicate matter, as they say! Despite the fact that Damascus steel is obscenely expensive thing, every man wants to have in his collection made her the subject. It’s such a pipe dream. Although it is likely, that everyone wants to have such a blade, I bent.

This Damascus steel knife made in France. On the blade and the hilt caused amazing and magical pulsating pattern. Don’t know, was used for the patterning of the digestive system or just applied on top, but I certainly like. High quality steel and the handle is carbon fiber. It looks pretty impressive. Length closed — 4 inches, in the open — almost 7. The price is high, much to the obscene. More specifically, almost $ 500.

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