Folding electric bike Neo Volt with removable battery is suitable for both active and lazy men

Composed of electric bikes are not something new, because for the first time appeared in the distant by the standards of technology development in 2005. Of course, back then it was experimental, quite thin, and not devoid of a number of other shortcomings of the model. Naturally, over time, they have undergone many changes for the better.

The designers of the Spanish company ITEM designed the Bicycle Neo Volt removable battery for easy charging. One battery charge is enough for a trip to a distance of 90 kilometers. It is implied that the cyclist does not have to pedal. Electric motor power is 250 watts.

To reduce the space the battery is installed in the frame. According to the creators, is a unique, patented system of folding bike. Due to this the bike has not two, but 3 positions: fully extended for the trip, and is composed of an intermediate «shortened». Latest need in order to fit in public transport or on escalators without having to be valmasino.

The bike will go on sale on 25 November in two versions – regular and sport. The difference between them mainly lies in the components. Neo Volt Sport is equipped with the best gears, hydraulic disc brakes, etc. the base model is slightly lighter and also has the shifter and brake easier. The cost of the bike – 2100 (base model) and 2200 Euro (sport). Pricey, but imagine what things you can perform with this unit, other).


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