FOB scrap, 1.07.2013, XJv94QLBi7SCfr9O7jK3W09foRWbPai1

Many bro have to work with a crowbar. Who needs it at work, and someone occasionally, and very important occasions. In my kitchen is a disgusting box in which my friend keeps salt. Almost every time a friend needs salt, she has to pry the nails into the lid of the box, and almost every time the box breaks her nails, which leads her into a frenzy. To change a box she won’t (she’s lazy), and frankly the box she finds beautiful. Keep salt without a cover, too, is not comme Il faut: according to the assurances of a friend, she will turn to stone. So she has to endure.

But when I saw this keychain, I immediately thought of salt, and kitchen because the damn keyfob essence scrap. It is very suitable to wear to any and of course to open the bottle. And frankly keychain looks stylish. It can be used as an awl (but don’t hurt yourself) and as a screwdriver.

Rate — $ 7., 1.07.2013, UGyjNL7lRxHGvQaiUYlwZ4AHrC6XntRw

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