Flying Belgians — the creators of the shapeless, invisible hunters

Flying Belgians — the creators of the shapeless, invisible hunters

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Every year on the beaches of Sunny Belgium hosts the festival of sand sculptures. Typically, this event falls on the last warm days of summer, which, in addition to the sculptors, taking advantage of more and Kai-Ter — lovers flying kites.

And those and others gather crowds of onlookers.

The venue for the festival is not without historical lining. Town called Zeebrugge or Bruges on sea. The irony is that the ancient and venerable city of Bruges stood out to sea. But as time went on, was the sea.

Now the town is completely land — to sea 20 kilometers. And then there was the Zeebrugge — as a resort place for brugian and as a symbol of the fact that everything is transitory.

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Each year festival organizers put the participants in a particular topic. For example, last year’s was devoted to Africa, and this year — the Giants and the Dinosaurs. Had about 50 artists. The guys were doing their best. Don’t forget that the destiny of creatures is determined — the month contain them, and tweak poshtukatureny, and then the fire hose wash the hell out in the sea. Such a rigid approach is not devoid of meaning, I would recommend it for most modern — to put it mildly — the-art. Do the show, and then instead of having to clutter the Museum — under the knife or under pressure, depending on the style.

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A few words about technology. The sand parted with large amounts of water, and the mass is poured into the previous shape — cylindrical or rectangular, which is made from a porous material (e.g., felt). The water goes through the walls, and the sand remains and caked. So, layer by layer, creating an initial «block of marble» from which by means of the cutters released the final figure.

Carving on the sand always start from the top. The sculptor «pulls» to the creation of devices like the fire crane with a cradle. (By the way, for a nominal fee you can experience this technique. Exercise, however, mostly children.)

The sand quality is the key. Grain should not be round, run-in. So for sculptures used sand from the river Delta Msec, which is regularly washed away by the river on its way through the Alps. The sand is not passed through many low and high tides and not treated.

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When the wind starts to blow, of the beach bars gets a completely different audience, obviously did not come for that of the pioneer retirees of entertainment is to stare at the sand freaks. One of the latest fashion classes in Europe were playing with kites. You can get on Board with the serpent in his hands — and it will be kite surfing. Can be worn on a three-wheeled car for the serpent on the beach. You can just fly after him — of course, if the size of the projectile and the force of the wind makes this possible. In principle, to learn control of the kite for a few hours, but turns out not all. The audience heartily rejoice at the sight of poor utykayas with all the fluff in the sand or dragging over their snakes on the «fifth point».

So have fun Belgians: who catches wind of who builds castles in the sand who carries water in a sieve. Madness… But if it is from the point of view of result.

But if from the point of view of the process — just a few more ways to enjoy life than Europe has gone so far ahead that we can only see through the eyes of their kites. At least not yet.

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