Fluxmob Bolt is an indispensable device for smartphonenation


In the midst of the mobile technology we don’t mind accessories that will maximize the potential of our powerful phone. For example, a gadget, like the Fluxmob Bolt denies headache all smartphonenation people, greatly easing their lives. Fluxmob Bolt is a hybrid charger, external battery and universal adapter that can fit in the smallest pocket and allows you to charge your smartphone or any other gadget from USB.


Fluxmob Bolt is encased in a rugged rubberized housing with small dimensions – 28 x 34 x 70 mm and weighs 88 grams, and battery capacity – 3000 mAh. This will be enough for 2 full charge iPhone 5 with its battery of 1440 mAh. Also the casing outlet American standard, but adapters for sockets of other standards are included. Also, the device has a LED indicator which indicates the residual charge of the battery and when the battery is fully charged.


The gadget appeared on the market later this month, and the Kickstarter has collected twice more funds than originally requested by the developers. The Price Fluxmob Bolt – $60. Cheap price for a device that is able to make your life a little easier.


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