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Hello, dear editors manygoodtips.com. I’m with you about a year and constantly inspired by your content. Thank you for being there – you make this damn world a little better).

And I have a problem. Perhaps you will tell me: «You’re too young to think about it! Live and enjoy!» But I don’t want to hear. You know, you have a lot of articles that should help in self-determination, but even after reading them and tons of other literature, I can’t figure out who I am and what I want. I don’t know what I like and what inspired the books and TV series, what I really want. I am now studying in 9th grade (Yes, you are read), and I do in 3 years. This, of course, quite a long time, but I would like to have at least some hint of my future life. I just don’t know what to do. I draw, read, write poetry, dance Breaking, learn to program and make your blog. But I fucking understand that that’s not it! Nothing «POPs». I don’t know what to do and what direction to move. Dudes, help.

The answer

Hello, young straight rassudova that the life should be thinking now, versatile lady. We are very pleased that our readers are ladies and gentlemen of all ages. We are all waiting for, when we begin to write the prisoners of the nursery, but until that happens, you have the right to be the youngest author of the question in our editorial (of those who acknowledged his age, of course).

Good for you for beginning to think about their future, and yet, for God’s sake, don’t worry about it. Rather, worry, only a complete dolt and nihilists will say that he doesn’t care about how the rest of his future. But remember that all of these experiences is as effective as trying to teach my turtle to do flips, make friends with a rat, not trying to mate with her, and fight with nunchaku.

If you’re interested, at their 15-16 years old I was firmly convinced that or become a historian, or a professional musician. And by the way I was treated with amazing seriousness of which even now surprises and delights me. However, their higher education, I received a completely different specialty. In gentle of discovery age, the memories of which now forced to roll a tear with his hairy cheek, I even could not imagine that once I will write. I could still imagine myself in a conversational genre, entertaining people, while Yevgeny vaganovich resting, I could imagine myself even back-up dancer Mylene Farmer, but not in the writing field. I would have laughed in the face of the one who then told me that I will write. And my Russian teacher would hit that person with the magazine, which was put up disgusting my assessment on essays and in class 11th I firmly understood that I was interested in and I can connect my educational and working life. I realized a week before graduation. Then I was told that I can become someone more than the watchman traveling circus, and so I came to this path.

The most interesting people, who are now beyond 40 years, had no idea what they want to do in its 16 years. Moreover, they do not realize it until now, are in fun search, doing that one, then another. Life is interesting, they live quite poor, and activities are never boring.

So hold your horses, everything, as they say, its time. This question bothered everyone, even those slackers and nihilists, as we are. Guessing the future is also pointless, as to keep an eye on the clock waiting for the end of the school day, or. Your thoughts and preferences will change another hundred times. Parents will be advised to you a countless number of educational institutions and professions. Maybe some of this will be yours. Importantly, the chosen path is somehow answered and faced with your interests. Maybe your stihopletstvo and blogging will lead you in the field of journalism or programming will take its course. Follow this truth, repelled by desires, and then these issues will not arise, but in real life you won’t last a minute on the sad work, and you will earn likes.

Peace to you, friend. And learn well, do not communicate with guys like rapper Pharaon a is much necessary than it might seem. Over the years, will understand. And yet gain knowledge and pleasure from what is happening with you right now.

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