Floating Record

manygoodtips.com_26.06.2015_7ghQmHZRm3Sv2Talk about the fact that vinyl is better than any other format, are conducted with the moment when the shelves of music stores have already begun to take audio tapes. But there were those aesthetes who did not succumb to fashion and convenience, and remained faithful to the good old tube sound. And for them, there is one surprise.

Known for creating its Bluetooth gramophone company Grammavox back on Kikstarter, to show the world a new retro-novelty. It is called Floating Record and represents nothing like a high-tech turntable that is capable of extract the sounds of the composition in a vertical position and to output sound from the built-in dynamic speakers. Looks like this swell is very comfortable and nice for old-school (and not just old school) eyes: body made of maple and walnut, minimalistic and with a very good sound.

The question arises, how this thing works in the vertical position? Here’s how: on the basis of wood fastened belt, that connects a small wheel with the platform and provides the rotation of the plates. However, you’ll see the picture.

The creators claim that by reviewing the principle of operation of the plates, replacing materials and parts, they made a magical sound quality. Kindly and warm analog sound. So the parent album Deep Purple will once again be used.


And why did the vertical play? Well… in the «Graywacke» said it creates the illusion that the plate is floating in the air, and generally nice and cool. Perhaps this is enough. Maybe… Oh yeah, it takes up less space than old players.

Work.com.ua_26.06.2015_kwyEvQdpDuO6rYet this beauty can’t be bought. On it, as before going money on Kikstarter. However, a few hours after launch, managed to collect more than 50000$. And now the amount is approaching one million. And given the funds, it is hoped that the device really would be great.

But it became known how many merchants with Grammavox will sell your product. For a ridiculous $450. Well, there are also people for whom $450 is a ridiculous sum? However, if you are sending on Kikstarter ridiculous $350, then get this player. The difference of 100 greenbacks, especially in our time, it is rather big. Actually, that’s why the machine quickly gathered their money.

manygoodtips.com_26.06.2015_bqtBrQuRfbrVhYou need so expensive, even for the average resident of the United States, the device is not in the business, you decide. We just introduced you. If he has such a great analog sound, as promised, time will tell. But it connects to kalencom. Isn’t it a miracle? Well, you have every right to consider themselves special, including on the list of Spoon Loveful and build of a sophisticated aesthete with a delicate taste, appreciate good classic, I would even say old-school sound.

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