Flies to the Earth asteroid the Antichrist

manygoodtips.com_6.06.2014_vKG46AWsuIBW9To our planet approaching a large asteroid HQ124 on the nickname the Antichrist. So he was called not by chance: first, it is ten times more than the Chelyabinsk meteorite, which on February 15 of last year injured 1,000 people, and second, the scientists noticed it too late, that somehow does not fit with the dimensions of the object. Scientists estimate that the diameter of the asteroid is 352 m. the maximum distance to the Ground object will be close on 8 June, it will be equal to three distances between the Earth and the Moon (approximately 1 million 153 thousand kilometers).

The danger for the planet the asteroid is not. But astronomers noticed it only on April 23, when to it closer to our planet had less than two months. This data suggests that Earth is constantly threatened by the danger of a collision with a large celestial bodies, dangerous for its population. If «Antichrist» collided with the Earth, resulting from the collision energy was measured in megatons would be like when you drop a hydrogen bomb. As well, he flies past!

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