Flexible shelves for men-knigomania


Today we are once more at the designer Pribluda think, and why not, after all? After all, why would bro stylishly decorate your den?

Perhaps among our readers are many people who love to read the book. Of course, some people use electronic media, but fans of a cool pulpy publications in paper version too. After all, the book in the first place, well decorates the house, and in the second there are media.

For book lovers the designer with complex multi-name Natasha Hara-Frishkorn came up with a very original shelves that bend in any direction and able to withstand 15 pounds of books, which is actually not cool, considering that it is about 7 kilograms. But for the interior design well.

Placing the books in different ways, you can be quite original to get a full picture of the interior, and that’s pretty cool.

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