Flask that looks like an iPhone


Flask is a very useful accessory, frankly, very masculine. In our opinion, flask is exactly what will help severe children not only to drink good alcohol, but drink it in doses. First, pour in a jar of some stuff as it is not solid, I agree. Also from the flask will not drink much: it is too small.

We present to your attention a very nice flask that looks like the famous fifth iPhone. She made two notable designers whose names-names you still not interested. Inside it, of course, food aluminum, no plastic. All civil. To shaped iPhone! Of course, a little thicker than necessary, but notice it is not all.

To drink it, pushing the lid with the «headphone connector». In order to secretly drink during a boring event (a movie, for example, uninteresting melodrama) where to do not allowed.

There is such joy for lovers of good alcohol $ 25. Normally for good jar.

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