Flask in the form of a cartridge for the NES


Probably, you know, friend, that once existed on earth, the legendary NES console, which wandered into our land under the guise of Chinese fakes Dandy. Many dudes around the world still heart sinks at the mention of vintage toys! Probably because they are cool! Cartridge Nintendo itself has become a true legend, we’ve done articles about Nintendo cartridges in different variations: in the form of pillows, all sorts of accessories, and now in the form of a bottle where you can store your favorite spirits. By the way, the cartridges are supplied with funny drawings that parody the original game. «Drunk Hunt» and «The Legend of Drink» have a lot to say knowledgeable people.

The cost of such flasks $ 15. As a gift to me for the New year is a great idea. Love the subtle hint.

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