Five cool movie guys who existed actually

manygoodtips.com_29.08.2014_RYHWaE2TdM128We can talk and argue about the ways that Hollywood spoils the adaptation of the books or anticipated films probably based on real events. Realism has never been a strong point of American cinema. But there is another side of the coin: incredibly cool dude from the movies — from mafia bosses to the police, who were charged with actually existing people.

1. «Dirty Harry» Callahan from the movie Dirty Harry

Perfectly conveys the atmosphere of the ‘ 70s, spiced with a cool soundtrack. A classic of the genre militants. Here is the dashing chases and shootouts, epic fights, wallowing in violence and cruelty, the harsh Clint Eastwood, whose methods of dealing with lawlessness sometimes crossing all limits. And even if your prostate the size of Antarctica, you’ll piss his pants when he see his huge Magnum in front of his face. The brutal hero of the film on the trail of a serial killer named Scorpio, who teased the police and the Dirty Harry, but these things never go with it.

A real character — Dave Toschi, who investigated the murders committed a serial killer nicknamed «the zodiac» in San Francisco. Hence the nickname of the character «Scorpio», as one of the signs of the zodiac. About these same events filmed by D. Fincher’s «zodiac.» Rumor has it that bloody murder from the movie Dirty Harry was inspired by a few criminals to commit similar crimes. «You feeling lucky, punk?», catchphrase, which is still quoted in contemporary movies.

2. Frank Costello from «the Departed»


We all remember the incredible role of Jack Nicholson in this masterpiece from Scorsese: a calculating and ruthless criminal leader of the Irish Diaspora, in Boston. Everything in this film is turned on its head. A good guy pretends to be bad and bad is good. Intrigues, feuds, great game of actors will not leave indifferent any fan of the crime genre.

A real character: James «Whitey» Bulger.

He was the leader of the gang «Winter Hill» and was involved in 20 murders, many of which were committed when he worked as an informant for the FBI.

For many decades, illegal activities and mafia murders, Bulger became the strongest element of the criminal world in the city. Plus, he was the brother of the acting at that time, the Senator’s town — William Bulger.

3. «Zorro»


Long before Batman was Zorro, which was presented to the world in 1919 by Johnston mcculley, as a character in the story «Curse of Capistrano». In 1920 came the black-and-white film directed by Fred Niblo, which was a huge success — the police had every day on duty near the building of the cinema in order to regulate the inflow of crowds.

By day, Zorro is Diego de La VEGA, a rich but boring man, with no aspirations and interests. At night, however, Diego is clothed in a suit and mask and goes out to fight crime, becoming the protection of all the downtrodden. He is cunning and quick, smart and brave, like an animal, gave him his name. Because Zorro means Fox. And he went on the hunt.

A real character: Joaquin Murietta.

This man was the leader of the criminal group «Five Joaquina», which robbed the houses of rich people and gave the money to the poor. However, the shop quickly closed and Merritt was executed, and his severed head put on public display, but he became a legend, has inspired people to perpetuate the story of his life in books and movies.

4. Travis Bickle, «Taxi Driver»

Travis Bickle is one of the most complex and controversial characters of modern cinema. A sociopath and a loner, gripped by delusions of grandeur and lots of obsessions. Crazy thug, who justifies his actions with good intentions. Breaking through the night streets of new York, he meets pimps and prostitutes, drug dealers and petty era. Anger overwhelms him, he makes notes in his notebook, slowly and surely sinking to the bottom of insanity.

A real person:Arthur Bremer.

Like Bickle, he was very lonely and not socially adapted person, which felt incredibly unnecessary at a General celebration of life. He met a young actress pornographic genre, who abandoned him. Grief he made his famous Mohawk and a little crazy. He also kept a journal, which was painted a plan to assassinate the 37th President of the United States of America Richard Nixon and the Governor of Alabama, George Wallace. After a failed attempted assassination of Wallace, he was arrested and sentenced to 53 years in prison.

5. Norman Bates, Psycho


Manic «Amateur moms» Norman Bates, a character in the famous Thriller by Alfred Hitchcock, was the owner of the Motel, which complacently greeted each guest in order to take his life.

Beloved son of loving mother, when she died, decided to keep her decaying body. He «cared» about the dead body, absorbing it into different dresses, talking like a real person, had Breakfast and dinner in a not very good company. And as a result he began to try on the very identity of the deceased woman, becoming a schizophrenic with a split personality. The second person was a mother that was very cruel and bloodthirsty person.

A real character: ed Gein.

The character of Norman Bates was based on the real serial killer, ed Gein, who inspired the writer Robert Bloch, the creation of the book «Psycho.» His fanatical mother all his life and didn’t let the guy breathe a sigh of relief: no alcohol, fun, friends, and the amusement Park, with blackjack and women. Once, catching son masturbating, she scalded him with boiling water and was severely beaten. One day they went to the neighbor for a straw for his farm, and she saw that the man cohabits with the woman, she had a stroke from the shock and she died soon after.

After one of the local women have been declared wanted, the police investigated the Gein home, where they found an impressive collection of headless corpses, skulls and bones, masks made of human skin, etc.

He did not keep his mother’s corpse at home, as was shown in the movie, but were digging up the graves in search of women, like his mother. The rest of my life, ed spent in a psychiatric hospital.

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