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body types

Your parents set you up and gave shitty genetics? Can you with a background like that to make a body of Hercules? Let’s deal.

OK, let’s focus. It is important for everyone to be in shape and to start working on yourself, you need to understand what your flaws. Face it: work is necessary. Much.

«Look, lumps. You are unique, unique beauty of snowflakes is not about you. You — decaying organic matter as everything around you», Tyler, Derden, «Fight club».

Tyler was right. You’re the same organic matter as everything around, so no more excuses. But there is good news: your organic mass can be categorized as belonging to a certain type. The majority of people does not think about it, but scientifically it is proved that there are three types of the body. If you know what type you belong to, you will achieve better results in your training and you look better. Here are three body type, who meet at bro, and a few tips to help you.

1. Ectomorph

Ektomorf is by nature a bad man. Here’s a simple test: you find it hard to build muscle and acquire fat? You much harder to gain weight than everyone around? Most likely, you’re ectomorph. Here’s some General information.

  • You have thin bones.
  • You find it hard to gain weight.
  • You have relatively narrow shoulders.
  • You slender.
  • You have small muscle mass.
  • You, in principle, it is difficult to recover.
  • You have a fast metabolism.

For Example, John Krasinski.

John Krasinski


While you guys gain fat from beer libations and night poedanii pizza, you still remain slim.


Difficult for you to increase in volume and to build muscle. No matter what you eat and how many I raise for you is always a battle for life and death.


All body types are formed due to hormones. This body type indicates that you have active thyroid, fast metabolism and high tolerance for carbohydrates.

So the ectomorph needs to focus on eating clean carbohydrates and increase the number of exercises with critical weight in the gym. Carbohydrates leave your body a smaller imprint, but a slow, methodical workout with weight your only hope is to build muscle.

2. A mesomorph

Mesomorphism from nature just to build muscle. Are you one of those who goes to the gym a couple times a week and still overgrown muscles faster than many dudes? You may have fat on the belly but not beer belly.

Mesomorphy quickly and easily gain muscle mass, but do not possess them by nature for the joy of mom and dad. This is because in their body a small percentage of fat. Here are the common characteristics:

  • You have well-defined muscles.
  • You’re strong.
  • Easy for you to build muscle mass.
  • You get fat, but slowly.

Remember that fool from «Twilight».

idiot from twilight


In General, you’re lucky dude. Some bro can boast of such muscles and the fact that for the sake of it is not necessary to tear ass.


You easier to get fat than ectomorph and endomorph will always be stronger than you.


In your body by nature much testosterone and growth hormone, and even a moderate tolerance to carbohydrates.

The best conditions for your usual workouts — 4-5 sets, 8-12 repetitions per muscle group. Diet is still the same: eat six times a day balanced meals, which must be present proteins, carbohydrates and fats.

3. Endomorph

This guy has something just a little more. Are you one of those who goes to the gym, but despite this, as you think, only fatter? You’re both strong and thick? Your mother told as a child that you have a bone wide? Here’s the basic information about endomorph:

  • You have a soft and rounded body.
  • You are easy and muscle building, and fat.
  • You’re of small stature.
  • You have reserves for a rainy day (in your belly, of course).
  • You find it hard to lose weight.
  • You have a slow metabolism.
  • You are not a very well-defined muscles.

Imagine you Belushi.



As a rule, endomorphy strong as hell and are generally suitable for weightlifting, personal protection and in order to work as a bouncer in bars throw drunk assholes out on the street.


You might find it incredibly difficult to get rid of the fat that hides your muscles. It is possible, don’t give up, friend.


In your body more insulin and you have low tolerance to carbohydrates. You need to avoid them, even «good slow carbs». It is better to switch to a high protein diet. You need to do longer intervals between sets and do cardio.

And remember, friend, no matter where you started — it is important what kind of result came!

body types

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