Fitness is not for the sake of «cans» all swinging for the sake of volume and muscle. To some it may seem strange, but it is an accomplished and indisputable fact. Some carry shells only in order to lose weight, increase your endurance. Not for the masses and chic «cans» we do sports, but also in order to feel beautiful and graceful to run on the hot beach sand, sparkling graceful sinewy torso.

Everyone knows that to build muscle in a month only diligent lifting weights is impossible. You need long and hard work, perhaps more than one year. Even if you take according to the method of C. T. Fletcher (that is, «to squat until poruguese»), don’t reckon around your feet and hands formed a solid sphere of muscles. The relief is based on a special diet and some additives, and drugs. It turns out, you can swing as much as necessary and not to be soared that will turn into a pile of muscles? But figushki! Each training program gives its effect on the body, and if you have a really responsive muscle, then train it’s better to lower them to stimulate.

Competitive fitness

Competitive fitness is very different from classic. This is a sport for maniacs who do not mind their flesh. Feel simple fitness you tired? You want victories? I want to show? Miss competitive spirit? Then the choice is obvious. Forget about improving health, you’re on the path of a professional athlete, torturing yourself with hard workout. But then the jury you Pat, if you, certainly, will be sent to the competition. From bodybuilding this gym is no different in training: in both types of muscles are recruited first, and then render them relief.

Popular competitive fitness disciplines allocate fitness, athletic fitness, body fitness. The list of standard exercises include familiar lunges, squats, push-UPS, leg extension and even the lifting on the biceps in all positions.

Programs, typically energy-intensive and expend a lot of calories. Although individual programs are carefully stimulate the growth of muscle tissue. So talk to the coach, explain the situation to him, and he pushes you around like a gray goat. Nothing will grow, but endurance, like Stallone in the movie Cliffhanger.

Strength training

Of course, you remember the big strongmen, who pulled on his mighty shoulders the rough of excessive severity on the powerlifting competition, but this does not mean that you will be the same. The aim of such training – increase endurance and competitive accomplishments, as well as adaptation to the body of the athlete to short-term maximum load, longer medium-intensive load endurance.

Programs like words in «War and peace». The whole point – manipulations with the number of sets and repetitions. Squats, bench, deadlift – classic gentleman’s set. Would seem to beat yourself up about it repetitions and a month will turn into a dry strip of muscle. Although some muscle fibers and grow from the intense power loads. And if we follow the insidious program, through time, can turn into Michael Koklyaev. Most importantly, convince the coach that you are not going to become the second Igor:, ask him the correct technique that you would wear and make stronger. Or start with the minimum weight and number of approaches. More good, for more efficiency, add to the training run, to all unfit calories gone to the other world.

Functional circuit training

Under a pie exercise is considered to be a type of training which exercises for different muscle groups performed in turn, thereby creating a kind of circle. Usually time is a few such circles. During one training session worked out all muscle groups, and its duration is 30-40, rarely 60 minutes. Grimacing, normal duration, given the rabid intensity of the workouts you can for 20 minutes to meet.

In circular workouts to alternate approaches of different exercises, for example: 10 pull block, 15 squats, 10 dumbbell swings, 20 swings – then a small respite, and repeat this circle or complete the following, from other exercises. Here solid advantages for those who are not chasing the mass: because of the constant change of exercises, the muscles do not have time to gain is necessary for the growth load develops basic endurance, of course, strengthens the cardiovascular and respiratory system, tendons, accelerates the metabolism and starts increased consumption of calories. And most importantly – for lazy people: these workouts do not take much time, they are fun to do, and they are effective. No wonder there is special training for bodybuilders and crosspieces. The main drawback of these exercises is the complexity of weight. What does this mean? So, you can be very useful. Watch just to consecutive exercises are not loaded the same muscle, use a comfortable weight and not train to exhaustion.

In addition, not abdelal attention the good old «dry», cross-country and the so-called «functional» exercises performed on the rings, loops TRX, etc. And, in fact, any physical exercise involving coordination, fit because in their performance the load is dissipated in the stabilizing muscles. Efforts and calories expended more, and the incentive to increase less.

Most importantly, don’t get yourself into a heart attack. Observe the technique and remember that any activity should be in moderation. Heart attack at 22 is very cool.

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