Fitness crisis: when the body ceased to grow


Talk about the worst things in fitness, which sooner or later happens to everyone. Talking about the fitness plateau.

What is it? It is certainly not the hills that grow on your body after hours of practicing, this word has a very sad meaning. Come in from afar. When did you first realize exercise program, you see the result, you can feel them. But the further — the worse. After repetitive exercise, the body adapts to stimuli, physical changes are not happening, and all this is just called «plateau».

This principle is also known as adaptation to the requirements. This is very reminiscent of a drive through a hilly area. When you all went on the plain, and then went into the mountains to navigate and difficult to get used to. But over time, fear and uncertainty are.

However, in the «plateau» is not only physical but also psychological motivation. If training is already not delivering the desired physical transformation, it’s relaxing. The initial impetus is lost, and the desire to somehow work on myself permanently disappear.

Add diversity

If you are stopped, it means that your body is accustomed to placed on him loads, and he just needs a new challenge. For starters, you need to deal with their routine exercises, change the number of sets, pace, and total exercise time. The body is not as stupid as you look, and notice all the changes to it. Reschedule training for the evening and already felt the difference. Besides, nobody hinders you to make lessons fun and enjoyable. At least turn on some music.

Make sure if you’re doing it right

Your exercise program should be changed every 8-12 weeks. Anyway. so professionals suggest that we’re not going to argue. However, there is another point at which to begin the problem — do your training program for you? She may be completely useless for your body type. Then it is better to set aside inexperience, and at least a month to work out with a trainer.

And regarding the food? You’re dieting, you have a normal diet? Or is it not? Understand that food is 200% success in life training-sport.

Adapt to the change of seasons

I forgot to say — do not despair. Your body does the same thing that helps you still not die from polluted urban air, adapts. Your body adapts to everything, even to the changing weather. So why not try to change their system of training every year? You’ll see the body will be easier to cope and develop. And as time is usually 8-12 weeks. Summer — develop endurance in the winter — turn to intense workouts. And so a year something new.

Put specific goals

Why does man get bored? Because it is monotonous and boring. Why does man get sick of running every day? For the same reason. We run because we understand the need for this venture.

Once in one interview the winner of one of the famous marathon said that the victory was his main goal, and thanks to her, he had a incentive for training and for work. Simply put, to run, to get drunk. Here you can see the impact on the mind, a single organism, driven by goals, is willing to do anything to achieve it, even to make boring exercises.

What are your achievements — we do not understand. And none of our business. However, the fact remains that Holy purpose is stimulating.

Rest more

If you work day and night, without stopping, and even after work, working like an animal to spare time to go catch pokemon (themselves fabulous creature is not caught), and finish repairs in the room, it is not surprising that the body began to rebel.

Remember when we were kids, ever since eating my mother’s breast we were taught that develops the body needs a good rest. Because we do not fully understand how stress and lack of proper rest affects our daily life and form. So get some sleep, and the muscle will not grow.

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