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Hello, the editors of the coolest magazine! Here all write, what You’re cool! I miss it, it’s obvious. In Fact… Help!

Brief background of the issue. In the last year of school was starting to enjoy the College decided to introduce myself. Next – of friend zone, out of which came by way of total neglect. Started Dating, everything is super, I graduated from University, moved in together (we were from different cities, decided to live in one). Dating almost two years, all wonderful, like everything, and I love it. Already there is a question about the wedding. BUT now, it so happened that she was my first in every sense.

QUESTION: How is this possible, and what to do next? Very confused, please help.

The answer

Hello, our dear reader and weary of the eternal questions of life. We all know how good you are, «it’s obvious» once you read our cozy, but infinitely masculine magazine. So let’s get right to it!

I can already hear the «real males drawl shout to you: «Run! Run from her, in a sea full of fish, and you should throw their nets, not to be content with one!» But suggest they do it out of stupidity, or despair, because they do not have the feelings of love. They say that love passes with time. So, a fair statement, but until it is, hold on to it, because to most people it is not available, you have to believe us. Still holding on to habit, ease of use with each other, social norms. Happiness from you won’t have it, but to be with the girl you love fun unique rare. Fraction of one percent of our entire male gets the opportunity. While half of the men still loses it from different reasons, but mostly for their stupidity.

Why are you afraid? Do not believe that there can be feelings until the end of time with the first girl? Sounds like a rotten romantic book, which was written by some retired, right? We give you a few examples, which disprove the impossibility of this phenomenon: Stephen king and Tim Minchin. So, two men who live with those women I met in the early years. Both satisfied with their lives, both believe that it was a damn good choice. With friends they are lucky, as they actively support you in your endeavors. Of course, there are plenty of examples to the contrary, but does it matter?

The main thing, really, is what you feel yourself. And the marriage with reasonable reasons – not to the grave. It is nothing to be afraid of! Still will be able to quarrel, to part and see the fallacy of their choice. Or anything that is not, and you’re the guy who found the one the first time. A good friend is worth a thousand accidental connections. No, we in any case do not suggest you give up large amounts of sex, which is the place to be in this world. But if you, as you say, all like, what the hell? Why bother to change something? Why make such a stupid mistake?

Understand that early love makes you reflect on your life. It makes many think. Like friends a lot, they are all different, you’re young and not developed. Same thoughts, be sure to walk in the mind of your girlfriend (if you have it first, of course). Although it is in this respect easier. Men do not have such a strong instinct of the father, as that of women. But the instinct of fertilization we have overflows. It’s evolution, and there is nothing you can do about it.

But we want to differ from animals?

Ask your question wording

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