First read, then watch

manygoodtips.com_24.09.2014_83WQwLOD9RwM7You delight movie premiere? Or are you talking about them not even heard? Then there is a chance to combine pleasant with useful. We want to present you some paintings that were loosely based on popular novels. If you prefer to read than to watch, you’re sure to need.

1. Lois Lowry’s «Dedicated»

Our list will reveal a dystopia Lois Laurie, in the original «The Giver». The story of a young man Jonas who lives in a perfect, maximum civilized society of the future where there are no more wars, pain, suffering, joy, memories. There is nothing more familiar to you. You thought that in our time doesn’t have the kind of feelings and emotions? You realize that you were wrong when you watch this movie.

But the worst in the memories is not the pain. And loneliness. They need someone to share.

2. John green the Fault in our stars

Kind of soapy melodrama. We are making the list because the film adaptation somehow conquered all of America. If you want to pick up a girl, then you can call to watch this movie. She will be sure that you’re a sensitive soul, despite your external brutality.

Movie plot: teenagers are suffering from a serious illness, fighting for the right to love and live. They love each other, are plagued not so much hanging over them the shadow of death, as ordinary jealousy, anger and misunderstanding.

Don’t tell me you’re one of those who turned in their own illness.

3. Suzanne Collins «the Hunger games»

In the movie/book, you will see the options for a possible future, in the opinion of the author. Despotic government arranges an annual demonstration game of survival, followed by the air monitors the entire world. The lot to participate in the Games falls young girl Katniss and secretly in love with her Pete. At the indestructible law of Hungry games can win only one of 24 participants. The judges no matter who wins, the main thing — sight. The participants have to kill each other because of this «game» affects their own lives.

— Do you know how to kill.

— Not people!

— I think there’s a difference?

The worst thing — there is no difference, you just have to forget that they are human.

4. Jonathan Tropper «Then live for yourself»

Four of them in one family, but one can hardly find a more different people to the same zhivushih far from each other. These strangers to each other people for some time to combine only the last wish of his dying father. He wanted the whole family were assembled within a week.

Funeral after funeral is good to learn something. Of course, the heroes still find it difficult to get along, but they sincerely try. About the plot of this film.

Interestingly, love in General is such a tricky thing, or that we have a unique talent to shift all the shit?

5. James Dashner «the maze Runner»

The main character is a teenager Thomas who wakes up in the Elevator, but remembers nothing except her name. He is among 60 boys who have learned to survive in a confined space. Every 30 days a new person arrives. A group of guys living in a «Shelter» for two years. They feed that can be grown on the ground, and trying to find a way out of the maze that surrounds their place of residence. But once the Elevator doors once again opened, and in it lay a girl, unconscious. From the note that was next to her, could understand that this is the last man and over here no one will come. So, it’s time for a change.

You will be lazy — falls into melancholy. Then I lost the taste for life. And it was the end. Watch a movie, and then re-read the book or Vice versa. It is better first to read. Then you’ll rebuild in mind, but don’t worry, if they do not coincide with those shown in the film.

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