First conversation with a girl

manygoodtips.com_23.10.2014_Pr3qCpGl8cBI2Suppose that you are again in search of the very. Some even suggest not have. You well-rested from a previous relationship and already I see in girls is not only a useful object with a hole in it. Now they are for you, as before, is the embodiment of beauty, purity and love.

Morally, you already seems to be ready, then it can present itself in the relationship, but do not quite understand where to find a new girlfriend how to start a conversation with her to win so she didn’t mind. Yes, the task is not easy, but you’re a man, have to get used to this kind of quests, if you don’t want to masturbate in the shower the next 5 years.

The question is not even whether you want to look for the girl, sooner or later you’re going to have to do it. The question is, how are you going to lead a dialogue? Of course, we immediately exclude the drunk conversation at the bar of a night club. Do not know what carrion is going there. Something like a Swingers club. If you need a friend with a sexually transmitted surprises, you are there to see.

If a girl is drunk, it is not considered: can stick her in the nearest toilet, and we are not interested in such a prospect. We’re talking about adequate, possibly even a long term relationship. Well, I just mean a regular girl you can meet on the street or in the store.

Noticed that simple, but still something to attract women especially desired? How to talk to a girlfriend how to make conversation and not look like a fool – that’s about it today, we’ll talk.

1. Be sure

Speak clearly, quickly, but slow down. Should look like you’re confident, but you do not tend to narcissism, if you don’t want to show off. At first I looked like through her. You have to look detached, but it must not for a moment to disconnect from reality.

He believe that now you’re not making the effort in order to impress any girl: just this style of communication is routine in your busy life. While the other dude would mumble around the corner, reciting written on the sheet text, you have to stand next to her and look into her surprised eyes.

2. Use body language

Girls are very sensitive to what you just don’t notice. It is not so important what you say, it matters how you say it and how to do it. Clever books on psychology, learn to open your hands and not cross my arms on my stomach. Do not try to cover his hand, the level of eggs: it is believed that it would alienate the interlocutor and not give him open up.

Use open gestures and keep your hands in a relaxed state. If you speak quietly, it may give the impression that you are shy or even afraid of his companion. Therefore, say confidently, as you would normally communicate with friends.

Finally, don’t forget to smile – a smile is disarming. Do not keep the jaw slack. Smile, but not a rock. Is quite nice easy smile, do not have to show his teeth.

3. Show some interest

The play right in front of you – pay attention to the stage. Stop being a selfish bitch, the world doesn’t revolve only around you. Focus on what the girl says, let her know that you care about the chatter.

Some guys are lucky, they meet with those girls who have a busy life and not only sex. And these friends do have something to tell you. With them, you don’t have to fake interest, but not the fact that you are so lucky.

There is a technique of «snowball» – an imitation of an endless conversation. So you can use it. We now describe the principle of operation.

Theme. Take an interest in her life, hobby, Hobbies, see what she makes in the free or non-free time. Maybe you even ask do not have, and she will tell all. Now I’ll give the information and turn it into a full-fledged conversation.

Repeat. You listened to her interesting story, now tell it in your own words, slowly. Do the breaks about a half second, not to create a vacuum, and at the same time so she could not doubt that you listened and that you are just kindred spirits.

Add. Whenever you receive any kind of information into your hands gets some sort of content that you want to work.

Who do you work for?

– I’m a journalist.

(«Good journalists don’t live long,» thought you. But don’t you dare say this is the funniest this joke out loud. Better think about how it can be beat, because you need to develop the theme.

— Oh, my aunt works as a journalist and her annoying hypocritical upstarts, who do not provide adequate information, and then not approve the text during the month.And now, it seems to her that you have something to talk about and that you care about her and her career. The main thing here is a quick analysis of the information. You can’t hang for a few minutes, and then say that you just have a high ping.

Let her feel she’s an interesting narrator: you don’t have to just listen, you need every second to process all the information, like a computer, not as a shredder. Girlfriend she will give you the necessary clues. Only manage to decipher them.

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