FireSteel is an essential part of the equipment of the Swedish army


FireSteel is an essential part of the equipment of the Swedish army. What is this crap? you can ask us. This man, Swedish flint! And quite interesting. Many years ago this device was invented for the ignition of fires in extreme situations, some Swedes, the tool has become an important part of the outfit of a Swedish soldier, since with such a thing of survival in extreme conditions is becoming easier.

What is it? FireSteel is a stick of magnesium alloy with seven metals. To sticks with a rope strapped steel blade in a collision which generates a magnesium spark a temperature of 3000° C. Such a spark is enough to ignite dry material even in wet weather.

In the campaign the essential thing. The ability to kindle a fire with one match can come over the years, it is, of course, necessary, but better not to risk and to carry this thing. FireSteel works for 12 000 attempts. The spark that generated this thing, very bright, and it can be used to attract attention.

The kit also includes MayaDust is shavings for fire ignition. It is made from Pino de Ocote pines, the wood of which contains 80 percent resin. To ignite such material is not difficult. The entire kit can be bought on site for $ 17.


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