Fireflies was inspired by Korean scientists to create new LEDs

Nature sometimes helps us with his ideas, as most things in nature honed to perfection. Or we just think so?

Korean engineers have long studied the structure of the abdomen is an amazing insect Firefly and created on the basis of the surface enhanced transparency, this surface is used to create brighter LEDs.

The luminous organs of fireflies are located on several segments of the abdomen and consist of: fotogalerias, reflective and the outer cuticular layers. The last outer layer has a special structure that gives it exceptional clarity.

The clever Koreans have decided to apply a similar structure to create more efficient LEDs. First, the researchers developed a special mathematical model. Then by using lithography engineers have produced a die stamp that is filled with polymer close to the refractive index of chitin in the cuticle of beetles. The result pleased: the authors managed to enhance the transparency of the surface of the led from 94 to 98 percent.

New technologies make us happy, friend, good, nature helps us with it. Maybe George Carlin, satirist, was wrong, that the planet wants rid us from the world? What do you think?

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