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manygoodtips.com_16.11.2014_Hp25l69v3rydOA janitor goes home when the room is order. A plumber goes home when the leak has been corrected. An electrician goes home when the light switch finally works. For the modern «white collar» and people whose activities are connected with intellectual work, such an analogy does not cause any associations. For them, work never ends. Never-ending letters, which must be answered. Don’t end km to-do lists. «White collar» can have a very productive and busy day, but still feel overwhelmed and also unhappy with all the result because he always has important things to do and goals that need further development. And if the above mentioned cleaner leaves his MOP and bucket in the closet, your laptop, smartphone or tablet is always with you. So, your mail, your lists, your documents, your work just changes the dislocation.

Now you’re doing the same things as in the office, but also at home. And in sports sweatpants instead of a suit. That’s all the difference. Plus, it is difficult to attend the dinner with your family if you suddenly became an urgent matter requiring immediate personal intervention, at about 17.30 PM, and after leaving the office at 20.00, you go to dinner with someone you deeply indifferent, but are very important to your case.

Work is not just a place where we live from Monday to Friday, 40+ hours a week. Work is moving an individual or an organization from point a to point b, and nothing is more demotivating than when the beginning of a project you have no idea what is this is point B. You can’t make strategic plans, not knowing where and how does the «finish» how to measure your success, and in General, when it’s time to get away from the workplace home.

There are so many specialties and professions are changing «seasons» in business. Therefore, the principles determine the finish also differ from each other.

Work during the busy season looks very different than the work not in season: do you have a specific time frame, increased pressure, and a significant increase in loads. During the «off season», if there is one, you have the opportunity to devote time to the development of strategic plans, priorities, planning and preparation. But in any period, depending on how you launched the workaholic–perfectionist, you are by default will work as long as necessary, in an attempt to catch the elusive perfection.

In General, what was written this long prelude… We really don’t want to, having worked in this mode 24/7, you’re off the rails, became depressed and stayed in bed from chronic fatigue. And since you can’t say to yourself, » wait, we will try to hold a few bright red lines so you can time to understand when to stop.

1. Base power: go to work, when dead tired

You use your mind like the athletes muscle strength: faster – higher – stronger. Sociologists and psychologists have found that most suffer from being a workaholic business owners and those who occupy positions of leadership that threatens logical emotional burnout with the job, even the most interesting, ceases to bring positive emotions, then the feeling of stress and anxiety, enjoyable stupid indifference. There is apathy, reduced work quality and performance.

So, if you are so obsessed with their work, dumped on a holiday when the monitor will start to feel sick, of course, if you are your own boss. If the slave – don’t stay after the official end of the working day, if not feeling well. Do not torture your body, otherwise there will come a time when you just explode and throw the good in principle, the work simply due to the fact that it is not «pressed» but just needed to scale the weight for themselves.

2. Base: go to work, when the clock strikes 6 PM

Principle, excellent for the previously designated «off season», when the list of urgent and important cases much smaller than usual, so you can spend time on the construction plans and development of business-critical ideas.

During these «outages» of course, you will start to get nervous and feel guilty for supposedly not doing anything, coming up with a bunch of superfluous and unnecessary, in essence, cases, just to give himself the appearance of exceptional employment, as different for you unthinkable. So stop stirring the shit water in the Cup and fart in the puddle. Go home as soon as the clock strikes 18.00.

3. The basis of the results: go to work, when you finish a daily task list

This is a common type of finish, common for blue-collar workers, but also acceptable to knowledge workers. The main proof of the effectiveness of your work can be a report, completed on time plan, layout, financial models, weekly report or quarterly, then you need to demonstrate to their employer.

Many large foreign companies adhere to the principles of work, called ROWE (Result Only Work Environment). This is a working environment in which what matters is the result, not how long you worked (for example, the mandatory 8 hours). May not appear in the workplace, can work for half an hour – if you do set before you task, your work is paid, and you continue to be in good standing. This principle is followed, the majority of freelancers who choose with whom and on what conditions they work, how to allocate your day to do everything and to take it easy. But the majority of employers does not trust their employees enough to make shift towards this model, although the results, logically, much more important than prosizhivanie pants from start to finish in the office.

4. The basis of sensation: go to work, when you’re satisfied with the work done

The point that perfectionists can just skip happy because they will never be. Line of conduct, perfectly suitable for cases when the target is temporarily unclear, but the end result is not defined. Perhaps your company or your business is in limbo for reasons that are independent from you and for which you can not influence. Decide those issues that are in your area of expertise, and when you can say to yourself that today I did everything up to you can with a clear conscience go home.

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