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The skill of cooking meat outdoors you can develop a whole year and not just during the may holidays and summer holidays. The grill — it’s not a pan, not a microwave — you need to feel the fire, and to understand the spirit of meat, to be able to marinate, and know a couple of culinary tricks, which nobody else knows. There is nothing wrong to build high the fire wait until the wood turns into heat, and cook kebabs. Any man should be able to handle the meat as good as her with the carpentry tools or a Bank account. But, anyway, the fire is not eternal, besides, he narrows the possibilities for cooking. Sooner or later you will come to the conclusion that you don’t just need skewers and firewood, but a real grill that will serve you faithfully for many years.

The price range for grills terribly huge, but in this case we recommend not to chase the cheapness. Better follow our outright tips that will help you pick the best grill. In choosing the best grill you need to remember the most important word — Finland. Yeah, this country produces the best quality, durable and comfortable grill on this side of the Galaxy. Finnish grills is very popular among lovers of delicious meat around the world. If the head of state has a grill, you can be sure that he will be in Finland.

The largest supplier of Finnish grills in Russia is the company FinGrill. She, in turn, is included into group of companies Grills & BBQ. The conglomerate operates in more than 40 regions of the country, serving more than 90 dealers. At the same time, they are not just engaged in trade, but also create a very important, in our view, the culture of barbecue in our country, unfortunately, virtually absent.

For comparison, a typical day of an American is roughly as follows: the whole family gathered on the lawn behind the house, the lawn, smoothly trimmed, nearing sunset, the air is the aroma of delicious steaks — the head of the house flips the meat in the shiny grill, all are waiting to enjoy the fruits of his labors. A real idyll from Hollywood movies. Don’t you want to spend time?

The company FinGrill sells only genuine Finnish grills, which are made of high quality Finnish steel, heat-resistant concrete or natural stone. The company’s specialists will be happy to advise you on the choice of grill that will fit specifically for your needs. Consultation will not hit your pocket — it is absolutely free. Well, we’ll discuss several particularly interesting models of the grill.


Model «BBQ» in our opinion, one of the most iconic grills from the «TUNDRA GRILL» on the Russian market. It is very popular, and it’s not just. The model itself annually modernizarea, has more functionality and has a distinctive appearance.

The original model had a square stand and a simple lift mechanism. But in 2011, was developed cylindrical (round) seamless racks and improved lifting mechanism. Did it for the reason that on the market at the time, there were fakes. Clearly, if you buy the grill through the website «FinGrill», neither of which forgery can be no question. «Tundra Grill — BBQ» also has two rotary elements that have a lift cylinder mechanism, which makes the grill convenient for cooking. Of course, the grill-barbecue wood and coal, is made of Finnish steel with a heat resistant coating that can withstand up to 650 degrees. The diameter of the hearth is 80 inches, the height of the working surface of the same.


Pretty young model grills, which appeared in 2012 and immediately gained popularity among fans of tasty meat for their compact size and ease of use. Is a modern barbecue with a standard, the size, the fireplace. Perfect for cooking in the fresh air, but the model «Horna» is installed in the room, that is on the porch or in the grill gazebo. On the grill you can set the smoke dome with bracket, chains and pipes. Themselves dome is available in three color variations: black, antique copper, stainless steel. The diameter of the hearth is 80 inches, and that the working surface of the grill is 60 inches. About the warranty, do not worry, it is given for 36 months or 10 years, if we are talking about the perforations.

3. VALUGRILLI — Grill Heart


The name of this model speaks about its essence — Heart, meaning heart. That is, buying the «Heart Grill«, you’re buying a high-quality core of the grill, which is required for any individual project. If you’ve always dreamed of with their hands to build wall grill, without this «heart» you can not do.

Modernizarea model every year, improving their technical characteristics. A lot of dishonest people trying to forge «Grill Heart». For this reason, we recommend to buy you the core only from authorized dealers — FinGrill. The grill has a simple and convenient adjustment. Its design is suitable for open air, and for installation in the gazebo or terrace.

Now this design is extremely popular in Europe and Russia. It is made for wood and coal, also can withstand up to 650 degrees, but the height of the surface depends entirely on your own engineering decisions that you will make when creating an individual project.


Another interesting model grill from «FinGrill» is «Nordic«. This coal and at the same time, a wood-burning grill, which is made of stainless steel. The model itself was developed over 2 years and it takes into account all nuances and wishes of the consumers. Should I remind you that this model is not deprived of the Finnish quality which does not cause any issues. To complain about essentially nothing.

BBQ grill «Nordic» has a new hoist and improved performance. By the way, all the mechanisms in the grills are removable, which allows you not only to cook and take care of them with comfort, but also to use it as a normal home for more delicious dishes. If you love to Express their individuality, and here the «Nordic» will come to you for help. It is made in multiple color options. The special shape of this grill will allow you to easily place it as the fresh air and embed it in the summer terrace or gazebo. One phrase — made in Finland!

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