Find your lever, or openers and corkscrews of your dreams

Actually, dude, a corkscrew is vital, even if you drink very rarely. Corkscrew will help you open a bottle of wine at work and to make women in the office you feel at least alpha male. And it’s just a wonderful gift. So we found some chic patterns and even tested them.

Lever model V5326

This luxury automatic corkscrew is sold with foil cutter and replacement screw. A simple arm movement up and down you remove the cork, using the lever principle. Among all tested models, this was the most fast and requires less effort, but to buy it, you will have to pay. And have this corkscrew is particularly good for older bottles, because it almost does not crumble the cork. Probably, to someone it is inconvenient, non-transportable and incredibly expensive, but not someone who has a cellar filled with bottles of the centennial wine.



«Matador of the future through the eyes of Picasso», as we described this is a solid, sturdy corkscrew, which he pulls out of the tube. There were also epithets «ugly», «plastic» and «cheap», but if for a moment forget about his appearance in General, we liked him. Thanks to a sharp, polished screw with a special coating corkscrew easily pulls tube. Another plus — the reliable case. The majority of votes we decided that it is quite good, despite the lack of a built-in cutter for foil.


Pocket opener LE Creuset’s

It is a pocket version of the table model with removable «telescopic handle, folding knife and bottle opener. Sometimes black and white. Manufacturers claim that using this corkscrew, which he pulls out the plug, it’s enough to use only the little finger. We pulled the plugs, but noticed this model has also disadvantages: a small inconvenience in use and, as we thought, the fragility. The positive side of accuracy. Screw with Teflon coating almost does not crumbs.


Chrome plated corkscrew VITTESU

Regarding this corkscrew opinions are divided. Some of our experts got from using it more satisfying and, of course, «nothing could reproach». But there were not-so-rave reviews: «too Heavy to put on, Looks quite cheap and ugly». In the end, we appreciated his grace as the middle — all the testers acknowledged that the corkscrew is easy to operate, and appreciated the bottle opener located in the handle of the corkscrew. Drawback: when testing a wide screw has pulled out from the tube a few crumbs.


Zigzag Corkscrew

This corkscrew has made us a mixed impression, because it, like many centuries ago, uses a «lazy Chinese» mechanism. «Remembering the future» is our idea, and we decided that this course is designed exclusively for collectors of exotic Souvenirs.

To open at once a few bottles of this thing — no, we would not have undertaken. Besides, like all such mechanical collectibles, this corkscrew from time to time require lubrication.


One waiter

The best compliment to your address, this corkscrew has received from the lips of waiters. They called him «friend.» Indeed, it is used by waiters and bartenders in the world, which, of course, is the best recommendation. This corkscrew most of us like to pull out of your pockets at parties. However, we did not use it — we prefer the dark red (Bordeaux color) or black. The advantages of this model are obvious: a very handy bottle opener and at the same time ideal knife for cutting the foil. However, the one who first take it in hand, you will need to practice applying it to get the hand.


The ordinary corkscrew

We agree, on this corkscrew, cheap and uncomplicated, should be written about this warning: «If you want to give yourself a hernia, this is for you.» Its mechanism is based on the principle of the use of force that requires a strong push, which can cause damage to the back and waist. Moreover, its screw is very thin and is not protected, and therefore really dangerous. You can seriously hurt yourself if you put it in his pocket, and pulled out a tube with the help of this corkscrew is serious work. However, he has one positive quality — the cork is removed from bottle with perky cotton (after you finally deal with it), which, of course, extremely important for any spin.

Our final opinion: this is a very strange work tool.


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