Find out why it is important to use water filters, each

Hey, friend! It’s a new day and you have a new Parliament. Although the Council will take literally a couple of lines, and then I will tell you in details why it is so important to follow it. Today we will talk about the water filters.

So, the essence of the advice is simple — it is necessary to use water filters and regularly change tapes, and many of my bro as I bought it a couple of years ago, and yuzayut. They must be used in order to drink clean water and it’s not so much that it becomes tastier after cleaning, but the fact that tap water contains many impurities which are harmful to health. The result is very easy to «earn» his kidney stones, and then just have to wonder where they came from, especially if you lead a healthy lifestyle.

Now a few words about the importance of change outs. The process of absorption of any impurities from the water absorption called, however, there is a reverse process, desorption. If you’re using a tape longer than the period, then the filter material is at a certain point ceases to purify the water, instead, thrown out those impurities that have been collected. The result: you don’t drink purified water and even dirtier one that he had poured. That’s why the sellers in shops for a couple of times say how many months or over a volume of filtered water you need to change the tape and not in order to sell more goods).


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