Find a friend and it wouldn’t be weird

It is difficult to account the people who in adulthood, for various reasons, find themselves without friends: I’m moving to another city, in another country, just stop to chat with his old circle and looking for someone new. One problem: now you don’t go to karate and football, not hang out in the sandbox and not play tricks on the Playground. How to meet adequate adult and show him the same adequate adult?


What to me just happened! Once to me in the bus asked the man, knowing that I had over the phone was and whether it supports 4G. He was fond of. A trifle, but nice. The bus usually does not expect to find an adequate audience, which knows what is 4G, and can hold a conversation on this topic. More and more grandmas and women who try to cope with their very young and fidgety children. And the man I then got a normal, left a good impression. Even had then.

This story gave me the most valuable knowledge: to get acquainted with a man in any situation, it is enough to praise him for something or any thing. Or dog. Or cat. Anything: it will be a great conversation starter.

Just to introduce myself

Works well in situations where one is going to place a lot of people and they are expected to be a certain way to interact with each other. For example, in a hospital ward. While there you’ll learn about Willy-nilly. Anywhere you can just turn to the person next and say, «hi, my name is <whatever your name is?>, and you?» The deed is done. Immediately, without preamble, equivocation, complex strategies, throwing, and you don’t seem strange.


If we put aside popular psychology and good manners, will become clear as day: we all love to complain. We love to complain about the weather, on work, on chores, on fatigue, on bosses and in General all that tucks under the arm. You have a great range of products you can choose whatever you want! If you hate Dating in General, any innovations, just tell me about it. «What an awful wind, and this February will take us all and the world!» — and here you have started a conversation! Now it only remains to support it. Use the complaint to play the ball.

Suggest something

Do you have any gum, candy, chips — anything. Offer it sitting next to the man. Try not to look like a maniac who slipped sleeping pills and already anticipates he will remove from other people’s pockets money, to bind the victim’s hands and gut it with a dull knife. Share well, yet was taught as a child. Fresh breath easier to understand.

Discuss what you both can see

Let’s say you are watching the game, standing in line and watching somewhere out there a grandmother tries to squeeze forward another grandmother, watching those who are skating on the rink — if you work hard, you can remember a lot of the appropriate moments. In passing to notice the dude, that’s a great dunk a player or arguing how ridiculous the people on the other end of the line is a great way to strike up an acquaintance.

Meeting people is scary, but if you have a plan, the task will be made easier. Stay the course, don’t forget to introduce yourself and, most importantly, smile. If the trick will not work, no big deal. You’re more gum get.

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