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manygoodtips.com_21.04.2016_aUiZ7woIjSUgpToday to talk about the wealth went. But people still talk about it, however, calling the security of financial freedom. And this term is more appropriate, it is in the case. After all, many of us are chasing this freedom. Many don’t associate it with money. But these twisted pieces of green paper are necessary for freedom. That’s how a society with its capitalism, consumption. You say that consumption is slavery, and I’ll tell you what slavery is to carry the bricks at the factory, when you have selected all the documents and tipped the kidneys.

And yet, how is it that people with lower income, at times, feels much richer and freer than the fat cats? This is one answer: financial freedom does not always depend on the amount of money. An oxymoron? I don’t think.

The key to achieving true financial freedom lies in the stream of passive income that exceeds your expenses. Of course, have to spend years to build sources of passive income. This is not easy, but possible.

Financial freedom requires you to make more money than you spend, and if you want to reach your goals faster, then you only need to reduce their costs. We’re not talking about total savings, but talking about the minimize, which will help to get rid of many of the stresses in life.

We explain our recipe, which consists of two points: minimize (mentioned above) and simplification costs.

1. Minimization

Think of it as a prequel to the simplification. It is true that financial freedom is obliged to give you the opportunity to buy everything you want. But there are always those expenses which, in truth, is not important, but overlap your budget.


Imagine a situation in which you earn one million dollars a year. A considerable amount? Sure, but what if that million dollars you spend hundred of thousands on designer clothes? It does lead to financial freedom? Soon leads to a cage of gold, which devalues your money.Earns a million but not everyone, especially us. So do not poison the soul and recommend the following: define what you really need; the rest of the budget invest in passive income sources that will work without your participation, identified with your way of life. For example, you’re spending money monthly on cable TV, but only watch the National Geografic channel. Why do you need a full package of channels, which costs four times more than a subscription to NatGeo channel? Just cut costs and not overpay for what you don’t use.

2. Simplification

manygoodtips.com_21.04.2016_zstievnQDB7cwLook around you, look at your usual way of life, noticed the details. See if any of your stuff that eats up time and money without bringing any fun?

Maybe you have a motorcycle that you use once a month, or old gadgets that are lying in the dust. Sell it all, clear a space, at the same time and money will get.

There are plenty of fixed costs that are not necessary. Sample subscriptions to magazines you don’t read or that can be easily downloaded for free, or purchase books, which are always in the electronic version, but we are in the old buy what you can hold in your hands. If you go to the uselessness of many of the financial aspects of its existence, it will have the flexibility to work with money. And this, by the way, the step towards financial freedom.

Reduce costs, simplify the objects of ownership – this will help you to avoid financial failures in the future, because you’ll be familiar with a simplified financial life where unnecessary things has no place.

Minimization and simplification are the first step towards financial freedom, but this step is pretty important. And to make it, you don’t need to make more money. Besides, you will learn to control their appetites and will not be carried out on advertising that makes you buy the «right» things. No, financial freedom is not in saving money, not saving. It is a conscious choice in sequential decision, understanding itself and its ambitions. This is a good start, really.

And remember the main thing: people become poor trying to look luxurious.

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