Fighter from «Star wars» from LEGO…

LEGO x-wing2136266434

LEGO is not just for children. If someone tells you that LEGO is for kids, spit in his right eye, kill him, take his money and buy yourself this hefty set «the Millennium Falcon».

In new York a great joy for fans of «Star wars» and, in fact, this great designer. The area of Times square is assembled from 5 335 200 LEGO fighter X-Wing from the Saga «Star wars.» Wingspan giant — 13.5 meters and length of 13.1 meters. Fans of the Saga, probably, saw that the fighter Luke Skywalker a bit longer and more original. At the moment it is the biggest model from LEGO, which also makes sounds and flashes.

The fighter was assembled in the Czech Republic at one of the factories LEGO. Built it 32 the guy who spent the model 17 336 hours of hard work. It is worth noting that the fighter weighs almost like a real — 23 tons. Drove it to new York with two boats, pre-divided into 34 large pieces. Just had to move 2 months. Fans discuss what will soon be a new part of the Saga, and it is such a PR campaign. We believe.

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