Fight to the death

Once Anaksagor talked with friends, told him that both his sons died. To which he calmly said, «I always knew that I had created mortals.»

– Anaxagoras –centuries of a reasonable person cared only about his own life. He fought with all the dangers that fell upon his head, defeated the plague, won some measure of hunger, the state built and created such a beautiful thing, as the Burger in sweet and sour sauce. In General, a lot has happened over the millennia, but to solve the most important problems of life of mankind began to approach only in recent years. Of course, we are talking about the victory over the main enemy of man, over death.And this struggle will take, we think, all of the following century. And here’s why. Before immortality was a term purely on the occult and mysticism. Were the «wise men», «saints» and other «voledemort», which tried using any unspoken words and movements to achieve immortality. About it removed a lot of feature films, written a lot of books, even in folklore there were echoes.

People sacrificed captured warriors, Gad flies, talking with the spirits and took all kinds of drugs in order to extend their life. Death is feared by all, especially those of us who have something to lose. Therefore, we should not be surprised that some historical person believed that blood bath rejuvenates. However, the benefits of phlebotomy, you probably already know.

In other words, the illiterate people of the dark and tried using the mystics to find the answers to eternal questions. Scientists in those days, especially when the antiquity sank into oblivion, was completely marginalized and hard different from those astrologers. And the attitude towards them was a match time.

But then came the mystics unloved Mr Materialism and thanks to him the world turned on its head. Or, rather, from head to foot. The former «magicians» and «wizards» were charlatans, and their place was taken by any men of Science. The new brains of the planet, however, has not ceased to chase immortality, although many of them believed that scientific activity is not credible. There is a discipline of gerontology, which studied aging and ways to combat it. By the way, a considerable role in the development of this science was played by our domestic «necromancer», namely swordsmen and Amos. In culture, meanwhile, has a new hot topic for discussion, because when you’re engaged in the fight against aging, involuntarily beginning to resemble a charlatan, even if you have a law degree.

Read Lovecraft? He loved the subject, the relation of science and mysticism. Just a story «Cold», where a mad scientist has found a way to sustain life due to the low temperatures and some kind of disgusting liquid. In this work raises an interesting question, which is now actively «force» in the network and the mass media: we lose our humanity, when we reach immortality? In General, the question of ethics is, as always, rises to first place in many modern societies. And ethics, as demonstrated by the present, still stands in the way of scientific advances.

But progress does not stand, as the researchers continue to dig something, dig, explore and spread their forbidden idea that man can become immortal. And the work of scientists bears fruit, otherwise you would not be able to rely on their 80 years of a long and boring life (for comparison, in the beginning of the century you could count only on 50). Maybe we would be enough and 30 years old, but always nice to know that there is still a lot of time, and so on until the first crossroad with heavy traffic. And therefore we always monitor the progress in this area, and thereby hangs a tale.

There is such a gerontologist, his name is Caleb Finch. He introduced the term «negligible senescence», it was in 1990, Kurt Cobain in those days, even got a shotgun. Time we need, because it is the strategy in the struggle with death, which is used by scientists.

Negligible aging the rate of aging, which is difficult to distinguish statistically from zero in a given sample, as well as «nectarine» – zero correlation between age and probability of death.That is, negligible senescence is a possible immortality for those who live so long that we can not adequately monitor the signs of aging. Sounds fantastic?

It was, until I became aware of some interesting creatures that until recently were hidden from human eyes.

For example, in the Caribbean sea inhabited by jellyfish Turritopsis Nutricula, which, having reached its maturity, settle to the bottom and turn into a polyp, covered with a chitinous cuticle. The polyps formed buds, which meanwhile grow new jellyfish. This cycle happens countless times, and death is possible only in case if Medusa wants to try some porouse with jellyfish predator of the sea. For reference, most other jellyfish die soon after the reproductive cycle.

In General, negligible aging, like to show off marine life. There is, for example, a potentially immortal creature called Hydra Vulgaris, or simply Hydra. It’s such a cnidarian organism that lives in fresh water. The possible immortality of the monster is proved by Daniel Martinez.

And yet there are static guys are like sponges. This, incidentally, is that animals, not plants, as some people think. Although sponges have no muscle, no nervous or digestive system. Scolymastra Joubini, a view of Antarctic sponge lives, usually about 20 thousand years. During this time, you can view all 15762 series «Guiding light», to forget them, and then look again. And we would be closer to at least 150 years.

With people, of course, much more complicated. The biological way to develop is difficult, the nature of time and no mercy. Therefore, there is a lot of new ideas. For example, there is an opinion about how to move your brain, thereby achieving a semblance of immortality, or periodically replace your damaged organs new. This subject, incidentally, we were a little broken in this material.

If people try to build a perpetual motion machine, he would have faced a ban in the form of a physical law. In contrast to this situation, in biology there is no law that would argue obligatory finiteness of life of each individual.

– Nobel prize winner G. Feinman, –Research in this area not too willingly funded by the state. Unless Japan is somehow different. And you can immediately see the fruits, because this island nation has to live to be 100 – the usual case of an ordinary elderly. They even some silver stuff to give to achieve hundred years old – pitcher of sake, if memory serves. The rest of the financial locomotive serve private investors. Usually it is any eccentric billionaires who want to leave behind not only tons of recyclables, but something big. Among them are many Russian citizens, for example, the Russian billionaire Dmitry Itskov, who follows the transhumanist views.

Why people don’t think about something more sophisticated than food, sex and children? Why not start to live for a great purpose than just raising children?

– Dmitry Itskov –Strange, but this billionaire was supported by many scientists, including those who work in leading universities, such as Harvard and the University of California at Berkeley.

There are such unique personalities as the owner of a large gambling in Las Vegas don Lochlin. He invests his fortune in an expensive and, perhaps, questionable scientific developments, and your body has decided to freeze in the cryo tube, like a portion of their money. There are such figures as David Murdock, John Sperling and Robert Miller, there is a problem with funding, I hope, not worth it. It remains only moral issue that is difficult to solve with money.

However, there is a perfectly rational criticism of the attempts to achieve immortality. If the moralizers we are not serious, by the Nobel prize winner in chemistry should listen. The Swede Tomas Lindahl, winner of 2015, believes that DNA repair to the level of immortality is impossible, and indeed immortality is impossible. 77-year-old biochemist is actively researching this area mainly in order to prevent the recovery after chemotherapy of cancer cells. Lindahl believes that, in the future maybe you can transform some of the disease in a number of chronic. In practice, this means that the cancer will be in the number of diabetes. And that’s all.

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