Fight like a prick

manygoodtips.com_31.03.2015_AFrvpLqHMg0ToAll the couples around you, like normal people, quarrel, quarrel, organize epic scenes. One you act in an inappropriate way: quietly swallow the resentment live a quiet life.

You know, because things are not done. Your greedy for intrigue and abuse of joint everyday life needs to become a burning controversy pot! Can start viciously rubbing their hands, because have collected the best harmful tips through which you can easily turn any banal misunderstanding in the global fight on the brink of the Cold war. It’s time to take quiet pool comprehensive selfishness and finally, show friend, who is right and who is sheep.

1. Hit her flaws!

It is advisable to do it with a shovel, wrapped by hatred and their own ideals. After all, you are infallible, you are the best! Remind her of this as often as possible, inserting inappropriate things like «Well, you put on weight over the winter, baby!» Hint, that no Prince has not held it to the horse to get away from the dragon’s lair. Yes what there to speak, it’s likely that dragon and ate, and after 6 and drinking Cola.

Let them know what is not an accomplishment. Hair her as the witch, who is bearish, and the eternal clicking of the tongue during food is able to repel the appetite of even the starving.

2. Attack undeniable logic

Girls being emotional and, therefore, to put her every wish on the shelves of reasonableness and practicality – your sacred duty. Put logical dissect every phrase.

For example, she decided to confess that she dreams to go to art school. What kind of stupid wish!? Ask her how she will be able to learn to wield a brush, when even a computer mouse in her hands becomes a threat of accidentally closing the software. And all sorts of courses is expensive. As they will be able to earn? Money anyway. It is clearly time to grow up and stop dreaming about stupid things. Better to offer to a friend to get to work in the office, she also managed to earn and build your exciting future together, not to juggle dreams. So logical, so Mature, you will again be right.

3. Blame her for everything

Friend suddenly felt that she often gave flowers? Raise your hands to heaven and ask the rhetorical question of why she wants to look at the slow death of innocent plants. Perhaps she has a rare form of sadism or chronic hatred for all living things.

I decided to order a pizza tonight – estratgica and a glutton! Going out with friends – estratgica and a glutton! What is the difference in than her to blame, most importantly, do it sincerely, with soul, with a shout to take advantage of the seconds of incipient quarrel.

4. Tell me what she is capable of nothing

You are a real master in your life get everything, but it is worthless and mediocre. Watch her failures and hit at the right time: doesn’t matter, she failed the test or are unable to open a tin. Remember what friend are unable to cope and tell her to her face. It is advisable to do it in front of other people, to how to warm up her righteous anger and resentment.

To mock the mistakes of others – the lot of these gentlemen, so what are you waiting for?

5. This girl owe it all to you

Seriously, dude. You pulled my friend from the backwoods of civilization right in the gardens of his odnushki; gave a better world, of which she did not have to dream – now she’s your slave forever.

Say, that in every way sought to please you, and cherish every second of it, cooked, cleaned. To earn your approval and the location is not so simple. Let tries, begging the Tsar’s blessing to you for a moment interrupted from sitting in the Internet and gave her sex.

If suddenly this female decides to criticize your lordly nature, telling her about the place near the stove, frighten a shout, say something offensive, in General, behave like a true man.

Use our tips every day, even during sleep. Life will be filled with vivid emotions, vivid tantrums friends and «likes» of people unfamiliar to you, if you shoot it and put it on Youtube. Do not limit yourself, go on about the doubts and resentment, quarrels live and never cease to blame anyone, but not themselves!

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