Fidel suffered a stroke

Fidel Castro — the man-the era. Not so long ago many of the guys joked that when Castro gave a turtle, he asked how many animal lives, what it said about 300 years. Castro smiled and said: «Sorry. Only have time to get used to the pet, as it comes time to go to the Creator.»

And that is unsinkable, it would seem that the man suffered a stroke. Now he is unable to eat and speak, and even longer to get to know people. According to the doctor (and medicine in Cuba has always been on the level), in this state, 86-year-old Castro may live for another few weeks, but it is unlikely he will ever appear in public.

Network flashed a lot of messages about the death of the former leader of Cuba. But they have not yet been confirmed.

According to Jose Markins, a doctor from friendly Venezuela, Fidel is not getting proper treatment because his body is too weak. People with such symptoms, according to experts, die from breathing problems or infections trapped in the body. According to Markins, Castro is not connected to a respirator or any other medical devices. He gets food through a tube.

All bro support Fidel, but understand that it will not last forever… What will happen to Cuba, comrade??

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