Ferdinand Demara: the man who fooled a thousand times, and still became a hero


Some spend all their life on one boring, boring work, trying not to get involved in the illegal adventure, and someone is just kidding and all, and takes its place in history. Clearly, to cheat, to throw over his penis trying to many people, but they do it for the good, and now our hero just to amuse the vanity and to escape from himself.

But everything in his life was so perfect that to show off and get into adventures was indecent.

Father — Ferdinand Waldo Demara Sr., worked as an operator in the cinema, which was owned by his uncle, the ambitious imagemaparea Louis Demara. The family business was going fine, Demara lived in the most prestigious district of the city of Lawrence (Mississippi), in his own house, had a large staff of servants, nothing needed and was a zealous parishioners of the Catholic Church. At the age of 4, Fred was presented the servant as the young master and since then was known only as «Mr. Demara».

In General, relatives went so that at the time every day to say: «Thank you, Lord,» and chase the Negro servants in the best traditions of the movie «12 years of slavery». Actually and continued until the early 30-ies.

Life always takes its toll and, unfortunately, taking back what’s ours. It happened with family Demara, the Great depression ruined the family cleaned, and forced to leave her luxurious apartment, and move in a wretched hovel on the outskirts. Here the young master and broke. He did not like that the working class, his family are accustomed to neglect, communicating with them on equal terms, he was severely wounded by the loss of social status. This Eric Cartman, who is looking for a special relationship, but to respect it was not for that. His folks were no longer successful, and one of Damara, according to the memoirs of contemporaries, was like a bullet out of shit. How could it be a close friendship with the great pretender.

But Ferdinand realized that it is not necessary to be successful, you can pretend that you’re successful. Collecting money for school Lunches, he bought himself patent leather shoes, and arranged in the school acts of unprecedented generosity giving expensive chocolates.

The problem was that everyone knew how bad things have Demara. Obsessed with pretentiousness and vanity, Ferdinand believed that every resident of the city and mocked how low he has fallen. A completely rotten person, I tell you. Realizing that the more pretending will not work, he decided to become an adult, to leave the house, and like any normal adult to seek help from… God. Apparently hoping to learn asceticism. But it did not help. But we must not forget that we are talking not about some kind of impoverished victims of incest English aristocracy, and not even Moscow’s «Golden» youth. We are talking about people who from an early age was raging thermonuclear propensity to adventurism and artistry, which later became mixed with a number of complexes.Realizing that the Church cannot stifle its exuberant soul, he went into the army. But in the army it was very boring and monotonous. Besides, ambition demanded at least the rank of General. But the way the General seemed too dangerous and thorny, and he, giving the name of his army buddies, defected straight to the monastery.

But a year Demara sight: not the army, and the Navy was his calling. The Navy also adopted it, because according to the documents a deserter, he did not appear. But a year later, tired of the jocks and vests, he ran away from there, and for this he had to stage a suicide.


This time he turned into Robert Linton French — religiously oriented psychologist and opened a private practice. Of course, no knowledge of psychology. But was a great mind, a phenomenal memory for detail, erudition, intellect, which, with proper use, could turn it into an outstanding scientific figure, and a devastating charisma. Damara people liked, and even managed to get involved in professionals.

He taught psychology in a College in Pennsylvania, at the College of St. Martins, and maybe he would have sunk into Oblivion, revealed at the end of life, like Jean valjean, but the FBI began to actively pursue deserters, and was surprised to see that a respected young Professor is twice a deserter. The kid came to success, and to prison bucket came.

But a year and a half is not a term for Damara it was vacation, during which time he carefully thought over his next reincarnation.

Say if you did heroin or human meat once, you will not be able to stop. Have Demara so it was with reincarnation. He was determined to become anyone but yourself. Someone will see this as a personality disorder and will be right. With the mind of man is clearly some kind of problem.

After his release he bought fake documents, and for a time studied law at northeastern University. He never graduated from high school, but every time I forged the documents about education, to play another role.

For his fraudulent career, Ferdinand managed to be a civil engineer, Deputy Sheriff, prison warden, a doctor of psychology, lawyer, expert of service of protection of children’s rights, Benedictine monk, editor, cancer specialist, surgeon and teacher.

Many chiefs, under whose leadership worked Demara, was pleased with him because he had a remarkable memory and could remember a lot of things, just reading the book. But he never earned the status. He was interested in social status — something long ago lost his family. But apparently he had not thought that the return to the family good name and good deeds.The most striking «thing Demara» became the reincarnation of the surgeon Joseph Guillemot. He rode into the territory of Canada, forged documents and as a canadian subject of the British crown was warmly received as military surgeon on the destroyer «Cayuga». The destroyer took part in the fighting during the Korean war (1950-1953), so Fred Demara that never were holding the scalpel, based on the medical textbooks, began successful operation.

During the addition, as patients were unloaded on the ship and prepared for surgery, Demara shut in his cabin and read a textbook on General surgery. And that’s the power of printed text, the Ferdinand was not a single death, what would be worth to learn from the current pseudo-doctors. He famously pulled a bullet out of his chest, obezzarazhivatel soldiers ‘ ailments, and was treated for infection generous dose of penicillin.


But sooner or later, the truth was to be revealed. Greed for glory dulled the instinct of self-preservation, and «outstanding military field surgeon» gave an interview to one tabloid. Interview read to have a real doctor, Kairi, who was working at that time in the middle of nowhere. The old lady did not appreciate that a descendant of French colonists glorifies the name of his son and called the police.

The canadian Navy was in shock. Their pride, their hope and «star» was an impostor, Barty Crucem dressed in costume Alastor Moody. The captain of the «Cayuga» convinced the leadership not to press charges, because any harm he causes, extremely good.

Returning Home, he soon realized that there is no money. Then he sold his story to Life magazine, then became a real celebrity. He had a very memorable appearance: tall big guy, weighing over 150 kg, even it is strange that nobody had noticed. It was even out on the streets, and this, of course, put an end to reincarnation. To be Ferdinand he could not, he as an actor was accustomed to play his part, to escape the ghosts of the past. Ferdinand Demara — a name that reminded him of the years of shame, in a strange guise, he was more comfortable.

Demara pulled in prison, and he worked as a prison guard, and even got promoted after a month the amazing ability to restore order (even when 150-pound carcass requests to be quieter, it is difficult to deny), but a cheater passed another Scam: one of the inmates has shown an instance of Life interview Demara.Under the name Martin Hoggart he was a teacher on the island of North haven, teaching children English, French, Latin, and at the same time leading the scout troop and he is in charge of the Sunday school. He is loved by everyone from high school girls, their parents and teachers, so when the fraud was exposed, parents and teachers convinced the judge not to put such a good man and even to allow him to teach in the future.

In 1960, Robert Crichton wrote a book «the Great pretender» on the life of Ferdinand, which was shot the same film. Most Demara also dropped out to star in the horror film, in the role of a surgeon. But what is surprising, the great pretender played a man in whose way he managed to be so disgusting that role even wanted to cut. Perhaps it looked like this.

Psychologists around the world admired his ability to build bridges of love and friendship, with absolutely all without exception. It is very simple, he did and said what was expected of him, and people appreciated this a rare quality. Received in 46 years the first and only document of education — a diploma from Bible College in Portland, he worked at a youth camp in the mission of saving the poor, and in recent years was a Minister of the Baptist Church. In recognition of the parishioners, a priest, he was great, knew how to listen and sympathize like no other.

He is tried on the role of others, better than Alexander Peskov and the cohort of strange parody. But with every reincarnation he was getting farther and farther away from its goal of becoming worthy of other people.

It may seem that he was not afraid of the exposure, but on the contrary, he was very afraid of them, he wanted to live a decent life under an assumed name, but instead he was constantly caught. He gave an account of his deeds, was bitterly pleaded fraud and their methods of communication which are so admired by his former colleagues, was referred to as fraudulent.

His most famous words became bitter confession:

Every time I buy a new identity, some part of me died, what would the real me was not.It’s hard to say what motivated Ferdinand: the ghosts of the past, and fears, or he just liked to live different lives. For such a talent one and only life is too short. He’s not a crook, he’s a great pretender, because no harm from his reincarnations no one was. Even françois Villon, the great thief and the poet has caused more doubt.

And he really fits that old song, too, because there is a tale about a man who pretends to be too much, and very lonely.

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