Female unicorn: 6 qualities of a perfect girl

manygoodtips.com_15.04.2014_90TZl5xkoOXBpIf you don’t know, looks like the perfect girl, this post is just for you. When we pondered this article, we had no idea what it is — the perfect girl. Now became clearer. We have prepared a kind of reminder to determine the right girl. Friends that read our magazine, this article will help you understand what we’re looking for in a girl.

1. Compliance with your ideal type

Every guy has his own ideal girl, which consists of appearance and character. Individual personality traits we write below, but I’ll talk specifically about the «ideal type». If you love tall, thin ladies-blondes, but have little interest in pretty paglesham, it is not necessary to meet them. We’re not talking that if you like Sasha grey, you’ll only love her and cherish her for her virginity. Just don’t forget what you love about the female form: body type, hair color, nose shape, presence of cheeks or cheekbones and all that jazz.

If the girl you like the nature, the internal world, that you have common interests, but you don’t find her attractive, that’s too bad. Often we prefer to take what is given, instead of what we want. We live with a girl-friend’s fifty with a cap and look at tall girls. Is that dudes like the two types of girls: cute, like girls anime or fatal beauties. But definitely not «gray mouse», which are easiest to produce. Happy life together with them will not be peaceful — Yes. The visual appeal and the type match is important. Importantly, of course, to determine what you just like.

2. The lack of snobbery and the presence of common human modesty

The most annoying thing in any person is snobbery. When you read a certain genre of literature, or you drink organic coffee is packaged is not what makes you better. Nobody’s asking you to give up their habits or favorite brands, abandon contempt for others that do not. Better replace contempt for the misunderstanding.

The negative traits are not something that we want to see in a beautiful girl. First, of course, she can seem cool, unusual, but then you quickly realize that this is all contrived bullshit, which she lures dudes.

A modest girl is much better. Modesty is not expressed in the fact that she always sits in the corner, smiling and silent, like a mute, and that she’s not screaming about their knowledge, regalia and ability at every step. Simply put, she knows her worth.

3. The girl can talk

To understand that the girl is easy. The secret to a happy cohabitation is simple — you have something to talk about. If after work you are walking around the district, talking, and time flies — it’s all good. If there is some inconvenience and you don’t know which topic to discuss with her, all bad.

Intelligence and passion, which she had not the conquest of men, — important qualities of a future mate. Ugly girls around which hanging around a crowd of admirers, often intelligent, have a good sense of humor and interested in something. Absolute idiot with no interest can be phenomenally beautiful, but nothing can spoil the impression of the girl stronger than the stupid things that come out even from the most beautiful mouth.

4. One that will pay attention to you and doing nice

Men also need attention, what are we worse? For some reason, many girls believe that only we have to jump around them with a tambourine and a bouquet of a million and one rose, to earn their precious attention and maintain it. Dude needs to choose a girl who will give him attention and to do for his stupidity and surprises. The evening of vocesunidas head, surprise with a liter of good beer, cool snacks and downloaded episodes of «true detective», buying small gifts — all the figure girls from which to build something. And all this because she genuinely likes me.

Don’t confuse surprises with fried potatoes and salad are two different things. If she is not paying attention to you, not makes you good, and only occasionally is preparing the same kind of food and iron a shirt — it’s a boring routine. If you make it nice, somewhere to drive, tolerate female Comedy, give her flowers is a one-sided game. She takes it for granted, and behaves like a hardened selfish.

Also don’t confuse surprises with a routine in which there is not an ounce of imagination and made because in the show she’s watching, so do. Girl like sexy underwear and with a sour face waiting for you at home, it’s not a romantic evening, and night for the lack of imagination and frustration.

By the way, if you think that love surprises — it’s not a man, you are wrong!

5. A little jealous

But not happy with jealousy. For example, she asked: «What is this suspicious girl you have ICQ?», and you replied, «Well, it’s so… familiar». She begins to wonder, to ask, to frown and conquer you, and the soul becomes a pleasure. We love a touch of jealousy, that convinces us that we still hoo, we are interested, but we specifically chose this girl because I can afford it! It is nice attempt on the ego, but when a lot of jealousy is too much and no one likes it. The right jealousy from the looks sort of innocent jokes and a joke, which flatters the ego.

6. Openness, friendliness and spontaneity

Open people are wonderful people. Openness dudes nice because it gives us to understand that we have seen it all and own it one hundred percent. If you know at least more than half. To be open, to share their experiences is a great way to win a man. The better a girl treats us, the better we treat it.

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