Feel nothing, no love

Feel nothing, no love



Greetings from Sunny Azerbaijan, guys! I read you year and your journal quickly gained my trust and respect.

I have the following question: broke up with a girl that I would like to clarify. The fact that I felt nothing. Somehow all this went on, even though I loved her very much. And now, as if burned. Don’t feel anything. Neither good nor bad. Everything is as it willfully turns out, any expression of the emotions in communication with people. So, in fact, is the norm and the obtained result of experience or injury? And when you did the latter, then how to change it back?

The answer

Salam, my friend. We are incredibly pleased status, though not large, but still the international media. And all thanks to whom? Thanks to you, of course.

Just now, my friend, I’m sorry, but you’re panicking for nothing. Don’t know how old you are, but definitely less than 24 (maybe even 23) and most likely, before to fasten their loving hearts in the bonds of relationship that you are purposefully looking for a young lady. Just because, like, not solid without the girl, and plus I want love.

Do not claim that this is absolutely true, but in most cases is exactly what happens. As zasudit in one place as you’d like caresses and walks under the moon and begins the search of a friend.

And now you found her: beautiful and flawless, with a mysterious devilry, and you, being driven to her charms and pretty face, driven by testosterone, a thirst for caresses and a desire to get a girlfriend, decided to become her husband. Do not rush to make excuses, read.

What’s next? Again two options. Best — you really loved her… well, let’s not loved, she’s just crazy you liked it, it was comfortable, and it is in everything you arranged. But love has its own shelf life. Or she acquires a devotion, attachment, mutual respect and the relationship continues, or breaks about life, brings nothing new, boring and eventually cools and Ala ulyu, withered feelings.

Another option is you’ve convinced yourself in love for her, as well as imagining the need for relationships. Why — already described. Seems to be a good girl, beautiful and again — all arranged, were sexy and showed the beauty of the relationship, but do not convince yourself to love did not work.

And what does it all mean? Just not your people, especially as all this was going. You are healthy, you are okay, just tired of you and this lady. I don’t know how you were living, maybe she was taking out the brain and constantly demanded — then you deliverance from a horrible snake. No, normal was? So not just yours, it happens, and moreover, in life it can happen again.

Here’s the thing happens, true love can get, to ruffle, to cause a burning desire to throw something heavy, put it in a plastic bag and send to mother. Even in the most ill-fated day when she, sobbing, I’ll tell you what he wants to mom and break up with a relationship you won’t feel anything, though. But an hour later after she goes, the soul will be scratching cats, the day your heart will bleed, and in my head the devil and the angel will argue with each other, her back, or to calm down. It’s not always love, sometimes simple affection, but in your case, even it is not.

Listen to your indifference, you’re just the type of people for your happy, congenial people. All that is now with you — the consequences and distrust. As if you cared at all, and the parting is hard, unpleasant and pressing on the psyche.

Though she is gone physically, but your head it will wear off soon. I agree, something unpleasant, but is necessary simply to survive. So don’t get too impressed by their indifference, soon thawed. You’re not the one-eyed killer of the militants ‘ 90s, so the people of thy coldness will not understand.

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