Features a winter picnic: fun in the «minus»

What is the difference between a piece of roasted meat on the grill and the person who prepares it? Nothing: both are flavored alcohol and produce steam. This saying shared with us one friend, a canadian, who knows firsthand what a winter picnic, and that you can love. How nice that there are things in the world for men unbreakable — this can say: «get thee hence, woman, I’ll do it» and thus bring real pleasure.

Cooking on a snowy nature, around the campfire, a sense of something primitive, hunting. This Ordinance significantly even when the surrounding noisy crowd and music. All in a magical symbiosis: a warm fire, the smell of meat and the wilderness seemed to create around the campfire a little atmosphere and everyone who comes to check everything’s ready, unwittingly lowers voice and respectfully looks at the cook. No, you can’t live life and never to stand near this fire, carefully watching the hot bacon and the play of fiery sparks into the frosty air.

But such magic was not dispelled by the conditions of Russian winter, you should consider some nuances that will help you survive the freezing temperatures. After some practical experiments, we wrote a complete instruction how to properly organize a winter picnic. So if something goes wrong, you can count on us. And the canadian, he advised us of all claims to it.


We have long forgotten how to trust weather forecasters, but something too many people around to discuss what turned out to be cold this year winter. If you mother listened to as a child, you know that the more layers of clothing you wear, the warmer will be your body. Quality and thickness are not as important as the amount. In the Northern latitudes have long understood that less than three layers in freezing temperatures — a great chance to become a tenor. So the base layer is that contact with the body, that is synthetic and thin coat, fast dry, absorb sweat, unlike cotton. For the average cook a sweatshirt and fleece pants. And the top should become warm parka with high-quality material. Three layers will allow you to temporarily get rid of something unnecessary, so as not to overheat, so hold on this system.


And as you go not only to relax but also to cook, you will need a very good gas grillthat is not afraid of snow, don’t take up much space in the trunk and will be warm in five minutes after installation. Why is the grill, not the grill? Don’t think I have to explain the obvious, but the benefits of this thing is obvious: it protects the food from rain lid and heat control are just a fraction of all the features and advantages of the grill. What to say about mobility — no sooty hands in the packaging process of the grill is not exactly expected.

In fact, if you’re going to get really good meat, and then not to suffer with the cleaning, then it is reasonable to pay attention to striking instances O-Grill with cast iron grates (classic!). Here is the grid design, due to which the burner is protected from contact with grease and oil, which drain into the special tray. And even comes with a convenient carrying case: it turns out that the grill can be taken with you even if you don’t have a car — in the yard, on the roof or balcony, but at least in Narnia…Briefly about the process. You probably already know all of the nuances of grilling thanks to us and to our articles, but there is one point that should be considered during winter cooking. You’ll have to increase the heat on the grill, otherwise the meat will take longer to prepare. You don’t want to make us wait and freeze just like that. That makes all the difference! Even -10 is not a reason to worry about the meat (especially when grilled), but at a higher «minus» you just hardly gather the company. Generally, our canadian revealed that his father, his father’s father and father’s father his father strictly adhered to the rule: in winter, roast meat is best consumed with mulled wine. A very good tradition, I must say.

Winter difficulty

We are unable to affect the main difficulty during the trip: the trip itself. Still, it’s the Russian winter, and nature dictates the rules. So be sure to check the first aid kit on the availability of essential drugs: antispasmodics, and vitamin preparations will help, but only after people started to warm up. Much obmorozheny the person needs to sit in a warm car wrap hard as you can and drink warm (!) tea or broth. About alcohol and cigarettes of course, you know this, but recall: nor, in any case. If you are stuck, and the machine can’t take the man-icle in the nearest village, it is necessary to solve a dilemma: to sleep or to try to break through the veil of snow. About the first paragraph a little later, but the second — for real tough guys.

For a start, you probably made sure to put the car in gear — brake pads for the Parking time can freeze to the disks. To start, sometimes you have to apply the principle of «swing», but more often the weather forces us to pick up our shovels. If the clearance under the bottom not bad. It makes sense to use the Jack, to substitute for it the log or the disk is spare (pre-dig for this case the hole to not slip) and raise the car to clear the snow. The main thing during the trip — as little as possible push on the brake and don’t drive. And another top tip: take a four-wheel drive in icy conditions isn’t the most sensible idea.


Even if your company is sufficiently hardened to such a holiday, to prepare for it is also very good. Layered tents are best placed above the dense flooring of twigs, and a strong wind, if the weather permits, to build a protective snow near the wall. So, with battlements and towers. Of course, that’ll have to sleep in full uniform: in two layers of clothes, gloves and hat, inside a winter sleeping bag. Prepare in advance an extra set of clothes if the night will be more cold. By the way, the climbers like to leave it on the gas lamp — a no additional heat and light. But the lanterns do not forget — it is better to keep warm because batteries hate cold.

Winter vacation is not so terrible — just look at the pictures of the Russian classics, where enterprising farmers cheerfully greeted the bitter cold in some sweatshirts. And so we have a cool grill and warm the car, can’t complain. So meat in the teeth, balalaika in hand, the bear and ran to greet the New year!

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