Features a great co-pilot


When you’re out at bars to find hot girl, you need a man with the necessary skills to help you in this difficult matter. The generosity of this guy knows no boundaries, because it is gratis, a gift, helping you to avoid mistakes and to get right on target.

So what features should have a perfect companion for the conquest of the girls? In many ways it needs to be driven. As though it cynically did not sound, the second pilot must be a great background for you, but in any case should not overshadow you. It should not be prettier than you, funnier, be better dressed, or you’ll be the second pilot. It is highly desirable for the copilot to have a serious, permanent relationship, in order to avoid temptations. The guys with permanent serious relations much more willing to help you in winning friends: im really in a rush to watch others flirt and get acquainted. Maybe because they secretly envy them? So, what features should be a good co-pilot?

1. He understands what is required of him

The second pilot must realize that he is the second pilot. He also needs to understand their responsibilities. If your goal is two girlfriends, and more specifically, the most attractive of them, the second pilot must himself understand what he needed to distract the second girl and to do everything possible so she doesn’t get bored while you work» above the beauty.

2. He keeps you in a presentable form

The co-pilot not only advertise you to the friends and provides an excellent backdrop for your awesomeness, it also ensures that you have not fallen into complete shit. It lubricates your bad jokes, he reminds you that drinking enough already, but time to move on water and lemonade, so as not to look like a complete fool. Simply put, the co-pilot as a caring mother. It ensures that you’re not disgraced and got to the house in integrity and with a girl.

3. The co-pilot speak the same language

This bro knows you well, so your every gesture or hint he will interpret correctly.

4. He removes all obstacles

Of course, single girls go to clubs and bars to find a husband. But when they take a friend to advantageous to look at her background, they do not realize that the objective of this friend not to give her beautiful «girlfriend» back home is not the same. We already wrote about bad girlfriends. The objective of the second pilot is not to give bad girlfriend hinder your plans.

There is another obstacle to your successful completion of the mission: the other guys. Sometimes it can be a veteran of the friend zone that pays for the cocktails of their «Queen» and sometimes the other contenders. The objective of the second pilot will gently weed out these guys.

5. He is well able to keep up with the conversation

The second pilot should know when to talk, when to laugh, when to joke and when to shut up. If the girl is not interested in getting laid for one night or is she not here for that (e.g. she came to the bar with a guy or have fun), the co-pilot needs to understand this and to give you the appropriate sign.

6. It should be almost kamikaze

If all turns to dust, the second pilot should krasnodubsky or bombers to be ready by any means to rectify the situation. Even if he has to drink 10 shots of tequila and dancing on the bar. He must not fear disgrace, for he and a good pilot. The co-pilot needs to go into vanguard, you had the opportunity to shoot at him with the final blow and show itself in all its glory.

7. He has to build a monument to you

Have a great co-pilot should be a list of all your amazing virtues and good deeds from birth to the present time. The second pilot will not laugh at you, will know how to introduce you to the girl. And he knows a bunch of cool stories about you.

8. It can even take on the role of one ugly

A good co-pilot can come with you to a bar in the shitty clothes, in the time, as you’re dressed tastefully and immaculately. A good wingman can be very not shaved and look bad. And all for the sake of you in the background was a king.

9. The second pilot is a great scout

A good wingman is also a good scout, he will be happy to gather information about your purpose to convey it to you. Only the second pilot to see if she has a boyfriend or bisexual tendencies. With proper diplomacy the co-pilot can find even favorite sex position for girls and the color of her panties.

10. He encourages you

The second pilot is for you also the main Muse. He inspires you and approves, if necessary. He gives you advice and encourages you to do certain things. At a time when you completely focused on your goal, the co-pilot ensures that nothing distracts from it.

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