Fear of commitment


No, dude, you’re no George Clooney, which is already hell knows how many doesn’t want to find the right chick to make her little clunet. But no matter how cool this dude is, he does have one problem, which is fear of commitment.

These dudes call people with a phobia of commitment. I’m not a psychologist, maybe this is not a phobia in the usual sense, but in any case, this fear grew on the fertile soil complexes, immaturity and other garbage. We ought to become more Mature, more manly, to do something else, but you hide behind a free character, dislike for women and George Clooney. But you’re not Clooney.

People with fear of commitments does not know how to plan their lives. Instead, they go to any meetings that they dug up on social networks or in «Afisha» magazine. They never grasp the essence of the meeting, and then sit on it, blunt, suffer through or go to the beginning. After they curse my boring and uninteresting life, starting all over again.

Afraid of commitment hard to stay at work because you can’t take responsibility to do what needs to be done in a day. They can buy a subscription to a fitness club for a year, and then worry that they can’t visit for long because they are lazy.

In a relationship for obyazatelstvo in store stylish excuse. This man with the fear of the liabilities with frightening ease to tell the girl that he never marries, because despises marriage as a form of relationship, children do not like, and even hated. This person may say that if it something does not like it, he can easily get up and leave. And he did get up and go, and then will blame the fate for what she throws him girls who don’t deserve it who are not his destiny and all that jazz. People with fear of commitments also can easily inform the girl that he does not love her and never love, because he is incapable of loving (or I will say some inspirational shit) that they will live together for a few years and then run away, «but it will be a few wonderful years!» The most unpleasant in this situation that girls will still remain, because will think that he loves them deep down, otherwise I would not live with them. And those who have a fear of commitment, when they go, I will say that the girl’s all arranged, she accepted the conditions of the game. In fact, this situation can hold only a hardened masochist.

People with a phobia of commitments it is difficult to change your status. Because they are afraid to open up to a new person and I’m afraid to fall in love. They do not like what someone invades their personal space, start to place your jars and bottles. Even a small change leads obyazatelstvo to the idea that they are not designed for this, that relationship is shit. Or, even more often the case, this girl is not made for it, because it is not dancing to their tune. But even if it seriously will dance to their tune, you are unlikely to get them approved, because the presence of total area women are still in some ways the change.

But life changes, and entourage when the guy with a phobia of commitments rapidly begins to have Affairs and marry, he panics. These people take a deep breath and tell yourself it’s not for them, when another friend shares the good news that he is getting married to the most wonderful girl in the world.

Don’t forget that people with fear of commitments can be girls. Especially for them, and for those girls who read us, we will tell you how to live with a man with fear of commitment.

1. Don’t be deceived by his/her enthusiasm

This person may build castles in the air and promise with three boxes. It arrange one/two sessions per week and good sex. But «call» you, he will only wish. It may, of course, will meet up with you when you want to show that he is not a bastard, but it means nothing. You will feel literally skin that your relationship is not going anywhere. Exactly. When things are going to start to meet more often or people with fear of commitments will start to feel that he likes you, he or she will run away as fast as you can. All this is accompanied by a beautiful and meaningless words. But he or she may just leave without explanation.

2. Try to get them to talk about their fears

Not sadulleva them with questions, will only get worse. Turn off the pressure and ask about previous relationships, it might even happen that you will overcome this phobia.

3. Did not them an ultimatum and don’t unleash on them his love and commitment

Do not over force to acquaint them with mom or relatives, do not put them in a dead end with the phrase «I love you» or «marry me!». People with the fear of phobias will be cornered and will act completely unpredictable.

4. Be patient and learn to adapt

Learn to read the signs, learn to understand when to call and when to go. Give them time, but if it’s been 6 months and things are there, then go, just go! These people your love, don’t seem to need, and you can’t help. This world has enough people who will not torment you expectations.

What if fear of commitment do you have?

Correct. Grow up, jerk! You met someone who loves you and wants you to be. This is not a poker game, and she or he is not a fan of cards in your hand. It is not necessary to wait for the perfect schedule. It’s people! No one is forcing you to marry, no one wants to decide for you your life. Just give her a second chance and don’t be a fool who has not grown out of past relationships and of the pants of their teenage complexes.

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