Fear, corruption and hatred in Russian literature

manygoodtips.com_3.08.2015_hFABBywWl0fbGRussian literature is full of debauchery and moral decay. Walking is not necessary, remember the school curriculum. Here and there of infidelity, betrayal, murder and other lasciviousness. However, it does not kill its charm, without these moral monsters she wasn’t majestic, and Turgenev so popular. Here are just some examples.

St. Nabokov’s «Lolita»

Abandoned wife, 37-year-old teacher of French literature with a peculiar name Humbert Humbert is experiencing an extraordinary penchant for nymphets, as he calls them – charming girls from nine to fourteen. Children’s experience has aroused in him an aversion to Mature women. He rents a house in New England, where he meets the passion of a lifetime – a 12-year-old lolita, which has no relation to the famous singer. She is a reminder of the childish love of Humbert, the loss of which gave his erotic life in such a strange direction.

Not to part with his beloved, he marries her mother. But the illusory happiness can not be cloudless: is always the one who threatens to expose you, but growing up, Lolita after a few years spent in carnal pleasures, falls in love with playwright Quilty, whom Humbert kills. To the final all participants of the conflict will be dead. Nabokov, publishing a novel, feared scandal, but it is not suspected that the revenue from it will allow him to leave teaching and to do only writing.

Maxim Gorky, «Vassa Zheleznova»

The owner of the shipping company Vassa Zheleznova is a strong and smart woman, but very vindictive. It was important for her appearances from her family and not internal harmony. So she poisons her husband for child molestation (I was lucky), lying: maid Lisa ugorela in the bath, but she hanged herself after suffered from my brother Vassa. Processed in-law that wants to take the one person who disappeared in this decaying house, the grandson Kolya. Vassa lays great hopes on him, as her children – a complete disappointment: Fedor’s not long for this world; Lyudmila, a child watching the fun father’s with slutty girls, grew demented; Natalia gradually becomes an inveterate drunkard and his uncle and mother doesn’t love, which is nevertheless very similar coolness of temper.

And then, when it seemed that success is near, when victory here, in front of the nose, it is only necessary to stretch the arms, comes the grim Reaper and takes with him Vassa. The amazing thing is that Vassa is not entirely a fictional character. She has a prototype. the merchant’s wife, whose house is still preserved in Nizhny Novgorod.

Kuprin, A. «Poedinok»

One of the most underrated and the most outstanding Russian writer Aleksandr Ivanovich Kuprin very perfectly described the customs of mossy military settlement and reputati its inhabitants. Lieutenant Romashov throws one married lover for the sake of feelings for the other, also married. The first writes anonymous letters to the husband of her rival, but they only add fuel to the fire already existing animosity between the two men. The poor seducer Romashov killed, cuckold Nikolaev avenged, but all in the best traditions of Russian literature, deeply unhappy. After reading the book is so sad and so sad… But impossible to resist.

N. Leskov «Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk»

At the time Leskov decided to write a series of sketches about strong and passionate female character. The plans were stories about a noblewoman, the peasant woman and the midwife. But came to light only the tale of the merchant’s wife Katerina Izmailova. Interesting miss. Lived with a boring, old, unkind husband and half father-in-law. But one day fell in love with working – Sergei. And then started. Began passionate «cupids» with Sergei. They are found by father-in-law – they poisoned him with rat poison. The husband accuses her of cheating – they kiss in front of him and then kill him. After, according to the method Jamie Lannister, they decide to get rid of the God-fearing little nephew’s ex-husband strangled him with a pillow. But how much rope does not curl, and safely fuck with Sergey did not happen. They are caught for murder of a boy and sent to prison. Serge behaves like a pussy, giving Catherine and by confessing murder, and then starts kurolesit with young pliable katorzhanka Fiona and bell-rope. One day he and his friends gets jealous, boring Catherine. The end is sad: the bell-rope is sinking, taking with him an offender. After reading the only question that arises is: «Yes you che, wtf is everyone?!»

I. Turgenev «First love»

I remember in my school years, this novel was set on extra-curricular summer reading. Years later came the realization that they’re a bit crazy. I thought about school teachers, forcing them to read a sweet, gentle story of how a sixteen year old boy and his father are in love with the same girl. The son jealous of the father to his beloved. Mother jealous of her husband’s mistress. The lovers say goodbye, and soon, again, in the best traditions of Russian literature, all dead: his father from a stroke, a young woman during childbirth. The surviving members of the conflict, of course, unfortunate, but in moderation. But the most piquant in this story is the fact that Turgenev did not hide that the story is based on real events that occurred in the family of the writer, for which he attacked others. Just like Pavel Sanaev after writing «Bury me behind a plinth».

Chekhov A. «Living timeline»

So, sitting in the living room after lunch and a rest state Councilor of Garamycin, his wife Anna Pavlovna and their friend, Vice – Governor of Lopnet. They remember the good old days, when life was brighter, and they came to actors and singers. Himself Counsellor with his wife took an active part in the organization of the tour. The wife especially. From the conversation it becomes clear that all four saramirisa children were born shortly after the appearance of stars of the Imperial stage, and the friendly lady Seromycin pleased they are not only comfortable living conditions.

No, it’s not a joke, it is the work of Anton Pavlovich, our dear. Loving and knows a lot about carnal pleasures Antosha Chekhonte used to write more candid stories of more violent language. But widely known it is perhaps the most immoral.

M. stockings «Comely cook or the adventures of slutty women»

Mikhail Dmitrievich Chulkov – the person known in wider circles. However, he primarily was a publisher and historian, and then a writer. However, it is only to hear the name of his works, it becomes immediately clear what it was about. The novel is preceded by a letter to the anonymous benefactor» Chamberlain and knight of the order» to draw the reader’s attention to the fact that the praise or indignation turn to dust, like people who praise or disgrace to the book. To the reader the author addresses in verse, urging him to be attentive, but condescending. And the thing that is told in the novel about widowed at the age of 19 cook. Her husband is a Sergeant killed at Poltava, and left his wife without means of livelihood, so the woman had her own way to settle in life, good, that was good.

She first settled in the Butler of a wealthy nobleman, and then found favor with his master, then sat in the house of a retired Colonel, who adored her, Without a doubt, a list of patrons could be continued, and in the final heroine likely would have remarried, but the novel remained unfinished. But tricky was a lady: enjoyed in full beauty, had gained the confidence of men, turned tail, and even poisoned the boring old husband (Oh, poor old man in Russian literature, what you didn’t do!). That is to say, in the XVIII in Russia were carried out vicious girls. And now look at works of literature of the XIX century, and explain why at that time, while writing «Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk», Chulkov’s stories were not published because it was considered immoral? Do you hear the logic? Neither can we.

Unknown author, «Luke Mudischev»

Luka Mudischev is not a name, it is the essence. Of course, with the classical literature it has little to do, rather, is a folklore character. Moreover, it is written more as a parody. But since the adventures of Luke was written on paper, it is a sin to let them go. Authorship is credited uncle Pushkin, who loved to pee stupidity, something the legendary Ivan Semenovich Barkov – rock star, alcoholic, abusive and rowdy 18th century, who wrote a lot of erotic maten «verse». But many are inclined to believe that after all Luke – the collective fruit of several authors. Mysterious poem, even an unknown date it was written. But we all know about the trash-shapito that poured from the pages on a Grateful audience. The incredible dimensions of dignity «Luke mudischev, a nobleman» refers to the matchmaker, which finds him a widow, consonant to his incredible size. Praise the reproductive organs, funny old Russian profanity and comical description of the sexual act that resulted in the death of the widow, torn in half. Themselves the main characters died. The merchant’s wife, trying to save the widow, tore Luka… testicles, but she fell the mighty zaryblenny Assembly Bow. Written a stunning poem to life with stunning epithets, so definitely worth it to read.

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