Fear and freedom: don’t let anxiety ruin your life

In their twenty or thirty years you are experiencing a very exciting time. You landed on your feet, the world opens for you new paint — in front of a sea of possibilities. You had a serious relationship, and light novels. You were young, and now has become Mature. You started to feel like a real master of my life. Good picture, huh? But all this is not because you’re paralyzed by anxiety and doubt. Your life is one big question.

If you feel this heavy burden, you are not alone. Russia is full of people who suffer from anxiety disorders. It is a diagnosis that emerges from the world of consciousness and subconsciousness. Serious social and medical problem in our country to fight and not learned. If we take the us statistics, anxiety disorder experiencing 18.1% of the total number of Americans (2015), and this is the highest indicator over the observation period. Imagine how this figure can be in a country that was born and lives in perpetual crisis.

No one can help you with this. Of course, you can go to a psychologist, but you know what professionals prepare our College. And not developed a national network of psychological support. Max, what do you say, «Less sit behind the screen and try not to drive yourself at work!». As if that’s enough. Unfortunately, it is impossible to wait the state — anxiety will not let you out of their clutches, if you «forget». She is going to visit you, to change your identity and leave you to your work.

But where does this state? All this problem are called existential, but they start with very earthly things. Let’s say you owe the lads a lot of money. You’re scared, and you work hard. Work before pulse loss, and money still no. Your number one goal is to repay the debt. It takes five years, and lo and behold, you pay the debt. It turns out that fear is to let go of you, but this is not happening. The horror remained. But why? Because you become free, and you don’t know what to do with it. You can be anyone, go anywhere, do anything, but you can’t get out of bed, because fear is holding you back and own whining. You lose sleep, are unable to understand the purpose of life and the right direction.But this shit can get out, if you learn to fight with yourself. For this you need to understand a few simple truths, which are taught to be strong, but strength gives the state of peace and confidence — something you sorely lack.

You must be someone

In psychology there is such term as the «paradox of choice». Its essence is that in a world where there are an infinite number of professions, coffees, ice cream flavors and types of condoms, absolutely no place of certainty. Such a large number only increases anxiety and makes you less happy.

Get out of this complicated web, but it is real — it is necessary to understand that in the moment of a personal psychological crisis, you need to know who you are. Who are you? What are your long-term goals? What are your priorities? It is possible that you have to exclude all exotic ideas that turn your brain in the trash. It’s time for you to forget about what you dream of becoming a crocodile hunter — you live in Ryazan, so calm down. Cut of their ambitions, what inspired your sick imagination. Are you seriously stuck in the swamp, so you have to get on solid ground. How to find solid ground?

Remember what you do best, and what jobs are best paid. Try to be constructive and finally become someone. And don’t be afraid to be «someone» forever — if you find a more appropriate state of mind and body then can change, but right now, you need to get out of hell disturbing that you self-driven.

Control the present and forget the past

«What if» is a disgusting phrase. «What if I enrolled in another University? What if I chose another job? What if I told her the right words when I had the chance? What if I could give back to those guys?». Parasitic it is a phrase that pushes you down. She pulls you down, pulls the pieces from your present and throws into the cauldron of the past. You stop living your life, only memories matter to you, but it’s a road to nowhere.

The last thing you should feel today is sorrow. We all have them, but they should not affect you. To cope with them, you have to focus on the present. If you made your choice in the past, it means they had their reasons. You could be wrong, but you must have the courage to leave that choice on my conscience to accept him completely and walk with him through life. There is nothing to look back and start to look forward.

To begin to live in the present, you will help one good way, which we learned from the U.S. military. It’s called «NORD» (not to be confused with Skyrim: observation, orientation, decision, action). This decision process was developed, Colonel, U.S. air force John Boyd. Now it is used not only on the battlefield, but also in business.

It’s simple. The first thing you just watch. From my observations, draw conclusions and begin to navigate in a foreign environment. Based on the insights, you decide, and then act. Pay attention, there is no place for the past — the only rational approach, discipline and discretion.

Try to train yourself so that you used this method absolutely everywhere. Thus, you will be able to go its course, without losing the blooming nurse.

You need courage

You can spend your whole life trying to find opportunities to escape from solution. You ask yourself, «What if things go bad?». But real courage is the ability to be higher risk, to be prepared for bad consequences. Courage is boldness, which leaves our own mark on the surface of this planet. We do not always help knowledge in any field, but it will help the belief that risk is always worth it if you fight for what’s right.

The willingness to take risks is freedom. This willingness is the only thing that separates the world of the free man from the world cornered the animal, which trembles in his cage and is afraid to come out.

You must have an understanding of what always was, is and will be terrible days. This will not escape.

And little lives on this earth, with its natural courage. But this is manygoodtips.com that claims that courage is a matter of time. In our opinion, courage can be developed with practice like any other habit. You can start with small courageous decisions. For example, you might speak with a strange girl in a bar, if it’s always been a problem. Just talk to her without alcohol, sober. If you have a problem, try to throw a career challenge — for example, you can offer your boss ways to improve workflow. It also takes courage. And so these small steps you will come to the habit of being courageous, which is lacking in our generation today.

According to the materials of Gordon brown

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