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manygoodtips.com_12.02.2014_1qX966JcV2ZtsThis is a hot topic — favorite work, even on our website. We say to you that everyone will certainly have to work on unloved work — just like in the proverb: first the head in the goat house, then kick her out and see how you really are happy. In another article we suggest you what to do if you’re hated you work and don’t know how to apply their natural talents. In the third we even enumerated the signs that the work does not bring you enjoyment in case you didn’t know. It all boils down to one thing: work should be love, otherwise she will love you. It is necessary to do what you love and earn not only money but also pleasure.

Inspired by this bright idea, many have already rushed to find the perfect space that will not to strain them — on the contrary, will charge the power. In all this they forget: my favorite work is still work, and hence, complexity has not been canceled. What you should think, that the world ceased to appear in front of you in the pink light?

My favorite work is still work

No, people who want to do what you love, don’t expect they will pay for what they eat ice cream and watch the sunset: they are still mentally healthy. To do what you love — means to get money for something that brings you pleasure, if you hard enough like that.

A favorite job is not necessarily the occupation for which you are willing not to receive compensation. I say, like to write, and I’m willing to write for free, but it is understood that in order to build on my writing career, I need a little more to understand the issues and work in graphic editors. I make these not interesting things to me because it allows me to do what he likes. Who said I’m going to enjoy every minute if I have to do what you love? To love children means to change their diapers, but that doesn’t mean that you love to change diapers.

Your work should be useful to other people

Just catching up on collecting toy trains, you don’t get money for it, even if you love trains more than anything. The most important point in the whole idea — to do something that is worth paying. The number you get money will directly depend on the number of people for whom your business is valuable — except yourself. This amount will be in direct proportion to the energy spent you, and your professionalism, though you will of course be easier. We all want to us to pay, and then, of course, need to find something valuable not only for you, so your activity was at least some sense.

You will start to receive money, because you more than twelve years, and you realize that one of the aspects of your job — to do something for others that would be willing to give money. The passion gives you energy to throw — and to pay the bills. Love your work, do not expect you will only pay for that love.

Love his work — distant goal (but even the way it pays dividends)

To do what you love is a part of the path to satisfaction in your life. It would be nice to enjoy life every day. Our happiness is affected by many different factors, and income is a very important factor to ignore. On average, thirty or forty years in the life of an ordinary employee’s work dominates his personal life — he must receive at least some reward.

Need time to understand what brings you pleasure, and many people take it as a sign saying that you are destined to do boring and meaningless work for the rest of their days. Favorite work doesn’t have to be the main purpose of your life. She doesn’t have to be your calling to change the world and comply with the education that you got in high school.

A favorite job is not necessarily glamorous highly paid profession

Love my job not only rock stars and film actors. Love her and the mechanics, and tour guides, police officers, scientists, salespeople, and carpenters, copywriters, and entrepreneurs, and dog — any, absolutely any workers.

Many people think that a favorite thing is something that allows you from morning to night lying on the silks and lazy to pinch the grapes. In fact, the most important characteristic of your favorite things — the fun of it. Love to work directly connected with the employee’s belief in the value of his work and the atmosphere in the organization, not the material value of committed action.

If people who love their work, so rare, it is not because the world is a little good work. This is because we have the wrong concept of labour: we believe that it is bound to be tedious and difficult, that it should endure for the sake of livelihood. I worked at five different jobs, and I was not driven to exhaustion, only one of them, but I had no idea what I’m going to do just that.

People have limited choice of professions because of its huge costs

Let’s find out: there are people who do awful heavy work and can’t cut their bills even more — otherwise they will have to go straight to the grave. But if you’re reading this post, chances are good that you don’t belong to them and occasionally doing absolutely unnecessary expenses, raise the bar of your expenses.

The typical behavior of people from the developed countries: increase in income they increase costs. When you raise wages, you have the freedom to buy whatever you want. Whatever you are working, if your monthly income equal your monthly expense, you have little choice in the work plan. If you spend every last penny from their wages, thousandth and love to bake cupcakes, it is unlikely you will one day become a pastry chef: just can’t afford it. Nothing gives you as much flexibility as a cost reduction.

All costs are for the sake of improving the quality of life, and people often underestimate the impact of work on their lives. Even if you earn a lot of money you do not compensate for damaged nerves. Learn to spend less, and you will have wider scope for choice.

The more a person loves their job, the better for all of us

Not all people can perform the job that I love, but if you have the opportunity, it makes no sense to abandon it. In fact, this is the main reason to agree. If you have the ability to never get sick and be healthy, wouldn’t you use it? Here we have a similar case.

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