Favorite sex positions and what they say about you

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For many centuries, mankind has come up with various poses that would be most pleasant to have sex so that he didn’t managed to get bored. Some bro prefer old-fashioned pose, some like to experiment and some like to eat. In any case, your favorite position is extremely says a lot about you, dude. If you have a lot of them and you don’t hold one pose all your sexual life, then this article is not about you. But still read. What can tell about your favorite sexual position? We’ll tell you!

1. Doggie-style

Do you have a hidden contempt for women, coupled with a certain inability to communicate with them, so you want to be with them face to face. Perhaps in the past, all your face was covered with pimples, you were grisebach, and the girls laughed at you, you grew up, your pimples are gone, your appearance has changed, but a certain shyness and disdain for women, so, therefore, you prefer to put them in a position for the animal sex and a good fuck like horse. In addition, you often do it quite rude, friend. So stop saying that!

2. Missionary

For those who loves classics and doesn’t want to risk it. You don’t like much risk (although secretly dream about it ), I like to play by the rules and sometimes boring. However, your friend probably likes you because she thinks you’re reliable. A traditionalist, stubborn, maybe when you’re trying to engage in sexual education, your friend makes double hurt mentally and melancholy staring at the ceiling, thinking about what varnish or paint the Windows and some Wallpaper needed in the kitchen.

3. Rider

You’re not used to hard work and accustomed to the fact that all brought to you on a silver platter. Maybe you were the only child in the family, so accustomed that the whole world revolves around you, like you’re the center of the Solar system. Your parents fulfill all your whims, and you grew up with the conviction that she has needs too. Poor girl struggle every day to jump on you for ten minutes, because you so rarely take the initiative, and she is counting on something. Shame on you, friend!

4. Spoon (side-lying on the back with the girl)

For you, it is extremely important to be in a relationship with a girl. Are you sure if dude ain’t got no relations, then it is defective and shame to him. Often your girl decides for herself, she often puts reproach you that you’re too skinny, too fat, bad cook, bad doing something. You many suffer from it, but the sex is when she’s half drunk, who came back from a club at four in the morning, trying to sleep. A sad fate, to show himself a man.

5. Cat

Most likely you’re doing all sorts of sexual tantric practices, spirituality, Buddhism or Taoism. Sex for you is on the third place right after drums and soft drugs. The physical orgasm wasn’t important to you, so instead you seek spiritual unity, when your immortal, forever reborn soul are intertwined in a fractal sea of synchronicity. Unfortunately, your girlfriend often refuses you, both physical orgasm and mental, waiting until you cut yourself these funky dreadlocks. Well, if you finally take a bath.

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