Favorite games of the past: part 4

In this part of our excursion into the world of game making, we look at the legends that gave us joy in the not so distant past. Of course, a favorite game is subjective, everyone she was his. So, if in our listing you have not found the love of his youth, do not despair. Everyone has their own toys, and, most likely, your game was a little more unique listed above.



In ‘ 96 it was hypnotic in its beauty. At the time, «Diablo» was allocated on the General background as «Last days of Pompeii» stands out on the background of the miniatures of the Russian Museum.

The soundtrack left a lasting impression and are still can easily give odds to many historical dramas. In this «crimson bells» was a mystery, combined with the pomp of tournaments. To kill her was worthy of only the powerful voices of the actors voicing the characters. In Gothic entourage disappeared unreal drive, and the game process is forced to replay the game again and again. «Punish, pick up study», the motto of the series, which is still considered «Royal». It is because of these marauding instincts of thoughtful and atmospheric world it was hard to break away from this masterpiece. And if you break away, only to video sequences. Many preferred their skipat, considering the vague and distracting from the gameplay. Many didn’t care about the story, because the main thing – to find armor more beautiful, and enjoy the atmosphere. The only thing that this fragment were examined to the end.

You know what to play «Diablo». Inexperienced people believe that it is as simple as a penny, and its passage is 50% dependent on the number of clicks on the mouse button and 50% from armor. Unfortunately, they cannot be sure in his own wrong, as the majority of them finishes to get acquainted with this game before reaching the first boss. Although some managed to make a Scarecrow from dragonoversnake Diablo, stay with the same opinion. But why argue, because we know that not everything depends on this bound in glove grey palm, simulating the cursor.

«Diablo», the first, the second, was incredibly exciting and interesting. From Supplement to Supplement it is getting better. Even a donkey 50th passage in it had some kind of affair. Also knew how to do! And the online mode has taken (and continues to be) an absolute delight, even with all the «mapaki» and «botovodstvo».



Another slaughter in conditions similar to space. Or to be more precise, a bloodbath in the Martian hell. As one of the game’s creators, John Carmack: «Everyone knows what Doom is demons and shotguns».

At the time, «doom was the first among equals, famously outdo everyone who competed for the title of a playable fight. The nineties in General can be characterized as a time of profound zaDOOMchivosti. To those unfortunate games that are not lucky to leave after «think», automatically glued by the title of «carbon paper». «Doom was out of competition».

The game focuses on the misadventures of an American marine, whose insubordination and the attack on the chief was exiled to Mars, found response in the hearts of many gamers. And the eloquent names of parts of type «knee deep in the dead», «Shores of Hell», «Hell», «Hell on earth» was given to understand that it will not be boring. Sometimes the crowd of reptiles of alien origin were found in unthinkable quantities, and survived only a brave, agile and skillful. Such an astronomical number of fantastic wild animals can be found only in «Serious Sam». Personally I was embarrassed by the huge number of circuit breakers opened is unknown and nobody knows why. Zamorochinsky levels made the game not some kind of a passing hack, and the real test. But very fascinating. Indeed, this is music a sin not to enter into an unequal battle, the love expressed citizen «Spider», with infernal creatures. And as they say, who Cyberdemon did not kill, he had never seen! And if you were lucky enough to try the legendary part with a strange translation, where the dead imps said: «Oh, guys, die,» and His lordship the Baron of Hell with the appearance shouted: «Bastards!!!» – let me pay homage and ask for whom you voted in the elections in ‘ 96?



For many years, for anybody not a secret, how will we live in a post-apocalyptic world. We’ll drink a Nuke-Cola, wearing peep-fighting, listening to vintage music, and to shy away from ghouls and other nuclear monsters. Oh, and most importantly, we will survive, leaving asylum in elegant suits, and kill everything that moves. And all because of what? All thanks to the epic series, referred to only as the Fallout.

What can we expect? Terrible to remember. «Pollach» if and gave the answer to that, is highly questionable. But gave us the truth of the nuclear portion of enjoyment. He, like everyone in this world is extremely heterogeneous. The first two are classics. Max of sin, evil and tolerance. Join the same-sex marriage, become apostles of the great a hero or a jerk – it’s your choice. The main thing is to get to the Easter eggs from the «Monty Python».

But then, in the 3rd part, in «new Vegas», began to move away from the canons. Although «Vegas» – in General, the thing that is called kosher. Moreover, Mr. house and Legion fabulously adorned the massacre for the Hoover dam. But still, the benchmark is the second part. Just like in «the terminator». There the drugs were sweeter and more interesting person, and emptiness is greener. The main thing – moral choice that ended each mission. The only thing then, back in pirate times, we played in «Fallout», and «Revival». So, the vestiges of pirate past. But it had no effect on the heroic image that we, being young and stupid, was created. We were not able to swing skills, Oh I do not know how! As a result, by the end of the game the main character turned into a vicious drunk and a drug addict. It is true that fear to do something wrong, did not allow us to sell companions on an industrial scale. But each starred in a porn movie. Yes, and so it was. Vicious was just stupid «Torente 3: El protector. Trachtenberg in Madrid», where I was immersed in the world of the Madrid Vice, playing Roman Trachtenberg, and admired a poorly drawn prostitutes and Championships belching.

The result is not the most beautiful Wasteland became painfully familiar, then you understand the power of the prophetic phrase from the first part: «the Void has consumed you!»



In 1995 on the wave of success from the bloody mess, is arranged on the monitors orcs and humans in Warcraft, the guys from the office Blizzard decided not to pull the cat because, in General, a touch ashamed, and to develop something that by all accounts was supposed to surpass the most successful strategy of all time. A distinctive feature of the game was supposed to be 3 completely different races as opposed to races twins «warcraft 2». However, the first attempt was outrageously dull and primitive. Prototypes of the Zerg resembled, rather, deprived of the senses of pokemon. In General, realizing that a lot of work, the developers have released a few variants, first in ’97, then in’ 98. And in the end, after many alpha and beta testing, was born a masterpiece, demolished all the benchmarks capricious fans strategies.

Every boy was in awe, starting to play StarCraft. Here it was not so, as everywhere else. First of all – three different races, with very different trees development, tactics of defense and attack. The balance between the races is still considered almost a standard in the industry of game design.

And remember, these colorful screen saver with suffering from Terran, if not able to pass the story? And, of course, well made for its time, the rolls were pleasing to the soul and complement not without an interesting plot.

And, of course, race. You could make the legendary «zerg rush», sending all living creatures in the beginning of the game to the enemy base, with a cry of «En taro Adun» to bother with the protos (which is constantly called «Portoni», although overall they have only love for melee combat), and you can just play «starship troopers» poor Terran, only to hear the familiar: «Hell, it’s about time!»

The game will definitely go down in history as a reference. The second part was criticized in fluff and dust, but we don’t care about her. We’re drooling adoration in honor of the masterpiece under the first digit. More of us are addicted to this game the Koreans, who almost made it the official religion. The popularity of the game in Korea is due to more of a national tendency to nerd stuff. How else to explain the phenomenal popularity of online competitions? Millions of Koreans with a sinking heart watching live from the event, bringing millions to the organizers.

Corsairs: Return of legend

Poradi.s. ua_24.04.2015_H2IYh819hwrUk

In conclusion, it is a sin not to remember domestic developers, because in the Pantheon of games, canonized, is the brainchild of the once glorious office with a wolf name Akella is a special place. Another game that simulated a piracy, was not so great. And it’s terrific – brilliant. It does not fade along with the nice RPG like Morrowind and «Gothic». Look and soul rejoices that the cold in Russia make masterpieces travel, tropical surroundings. And not just «Kuz» and «Cossacks». Oh, how much time was spent in you!

And there was freedom of action! Want trade, want to make friends with one of the 4 factions (England, France, Spain, Holland) and become Admiral of the fleet. And want to be friends with anyone, find a mythical Black pearl, carrying them home and Rob, whom no hitting. This is not a «Black flag», the game in General, too talented, but the corsairs heartier. Music, atmosphere, beauty and more realistic fights. To sink the Corvette, it was quite long and hard to pump skills. And most of all from the Dutch patrol was better to slip out, otherwise the meeting with him in neutral waters could result in immediate Stripping of the personnel of your ship.

Charismatic characters, lots of interesting missions, officers in the taverns and even the Terminator. So, in one of the quests, you receive the same T-800 (though undressed, without Schwartz), which is supposedly because of an error time machine has moved already in the XVII century, he also declares the hero of that with him and moved his weapon – a shotgun. Although we know from the film that it’s impossible.

And yet, these strange people who trapped you in her lair in the dungeon where trying to kill you. Worse than the skeletons in the caves – malevolent undead sailors. However, many players went to kill them as a job, as, robbing them, you could make a fortune in the tens of thousands.

All of these assaults on the FORTS, elaborate distribution system performance, naval battles, interesting gameplay mechanics. Yes, the characters can’t jump, but how gracefully fence! By the way, fencing is also different depending on the severity of the weapons. And how much of it there! It seemed everything that could exist in the West Indies of the 17th century, it was listed. As nice pirates like Henry Morgan, Morrison (not Jim) and a beggar by Edward the Techa ( nee «Blackbeard») with Alex Exquemelin (the last two are the characters you can play). But historical accuracy is extremely respected, because the names of the Lieutenant governors of the match period. The only Aivazovsky painting, written in the 19th century spoils the impression. But did you notice the paintings? You went to a brothel, chose a girl and enjoyed the sounds of lust that says «censored».

And the most important thing is the atmosphere, which is manifested in music, surroundings, wonderful settlements and a variety of exciting (and sometimes impossible) missions. Then I had to develop skills and think twice before hear the legendary «Cat fight!» and «take no Prisoners!». Or drink in a tavern with strangers in the morning don’t be sad about the stolen money. Yes, the game is full of surprises. And most importantly, it is not obsolete. So «Hey, Hopkins, grab your sword and get in here!» Again we have to go on an adventure through the archipelago! And take a look at Port Royal, perform a simple job for the Governor, would go into the jungle, kill three simple adventurers. Aaat the devil! On the horizon Spanish patrol!

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