Favorite games from the past: Part 3

Continue to remember that we chose the lessons, trekking on the street and real life in General. Simply put, prepare your handkerchiefs: the air nostalgic opus on the waves of my memory.



A long time ago, in a distant galaxy… or to be more precise, in 1996, as a bolt from the blue, there she is «Kwak», «Kwacha» since the legend is not known, but the essential thing remains – the unique emotions of the game. It was a revelation with the killer’s face and a bloody massacre right and left. All were fascinating, especially the jet movement on the battlefield and balanced weapon. And the surroundings pleasing to the eye even in a more advanced 2005-m to year from Christmas. Still, remembering those gray-gray walls and cozy like a garland on a Christmas tree, bench, experience the joy of meeting with an old friend.

Then there was the memorable second, with nice improvements, and a bright flash in the sky computer of Paradise – «Quake 3». And since that moment when the nasal voice, resembled, Volodarsky told you: «Welcome to the game «Quake 3 Arena»,» and before, when you with the rocket launcher jump on blunt Gunnar, you’re immersed in qualy bout. I don’t understand why some don’t like her. Yes, she’s perfect to play on a network but then the Internet was not for everyone, so you had to kill stupid bots. And high-speed angular movement on your favorite sites, in complete silence, under volleys of plasma guns, and brought incredible pleasure. In no part (except perhaps the fourth) was not an adequate plot. But no one cares. This exciting bullet grinder and it was extremely interesting. So «quack» is still a flagship in the field of games online. And what I want to say at the end? Thank you, comrade Carmack, for a happy childhood!

Red Alert


Once the «cranberry» spread from the cinema to IGROPROM, and the image of Ivan the invader (in this case Yuri) forever stuck in the virtual reality, and disgusting phrases in English like «for maser Rashiya!» suddenly became synonymous with good strategy. That was Red Alert. Despite its absurdity, the plot, written clearly schizophrenic, it was incredibly exciting. So, Einstein went in a time machine to the past, kill Hitler, but in his place came Stalin, rushing to conquer Europe – what could be worse? But nobody cared, because the gameplay brought indescribable delight. First, pleasing balance: the USSR – a powerful armored vehicles and base defense, the Allies, a great fleet and infantry + unhindered opportunity to see the entire map. Second, charismatic units and characters like sinister Eminence Grise of the world’s evil Kane, stirring moustache of Stalin, the «mammoth tank», well, legendary Soldier Volkov & Chitskoi. Well, the most delicious screen saver which vodka «Ms. Rosiiu» drank like Sergei Dorenko General Topolev. From his mouth the word «comrade» sounded like something cozy, so the attitude was as to his own father.

Then, in 2000, came to the arena malevolent, like Lenin, Yuri, out of boredom decided to occupy the US. And in General, all remained at the same level. Interesting gameplay, fun units interesting balance and the famous owner of dynamite – Crazy Ivan.

Each episode gave inexpressible emotions, improve the gameplay and, of course, suspense. Well, fans of the game probably automatically put a hand to his chest when I hear the famous March from the game. Woody Allen once said that listening to Wagner makes him want to invade Poland. When you listen to the anthem of the Red Alert, you want to destroy the damned capitalists!

Max Payne


«Max Pain» is perhaps one of the first games that showed that games can’t be worse than the movie. Took real objects that were photographed, digitized and turned into textures. And the story is a simple COP giving the right and left mass repressions of the murderers of his family, worthy of an Oscar. Because sometimes the plot twists were forced to start even the most seasoned player. The atmosphere is of despair, of madness and blood lust were forced to immerse themselves in a bloody revenge. It was your war! It is true, then the filmmakers felt the smell of success, shot on the basis of going on in-game events of the film, but we are not interested.

Well, the most delicious – is slowing. It was enough to click a special button and time slowed down, showing us how bullets fly about the head of our character as slowly shatter proof glass, falling snowflakes and more. Many find this game echoes of «the Matrix». Indeed, there is a common, although the influence of classic Tarantino and John Woo feels stronger.

Max is liked by everyone who has ever played it. Even the cut scenes in the form of comics seized by inexperienced gamers. But most importantly, this game allowed you to feel in the shoes of such unfortunate and at the same time brutal character, to remain indifferent was impossible.

GTA San Andreas


Maybe this «patient» distracting from the overall picture, however, not to mention it in this column is simply impossible. Sometimes I look screen Hontana and think: «and I lived there. It’s the street, Roshi! And this is the bridge that hung over the house of psychopath OU g Locke!» And then in memory POPs up the translation, and you cool the fuck to show ugleplastika from the ball who are the grove street king, J., Sidodži, sweetie». Crazy. You download or install from a dusty game drive, go into your house, stealing the old «Hermes», and the radio K-DST song Danzig «Mother», and you cry with emotion. Then, however, go to the store, buy the clothes the color of the «boys from grove street» (green), stealing a taxi (along the way passing the mission of the taxi driver), running from the cops, repairing is covered with black smoke the machine using the HESOYAM code, enter the code on the weapons and organize mass terror.

And it was a terrific thing! Detailed California. We can all proudly say that we lived in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Las Vegas. And lived there for more than one day. Huge variety, enormous freedom of action, various cities and a huge number of missions, which gradually becomes an epic work entitled «the fate of Charles Johnson».

In fact, all did not care for the plot. Some missions seemed pointless and unnecessary, and some are just perverted (like the mission with the plane). Yes, and what a difference! Here you can afford different clothes to choose from and it is most likely to copulate. Yes, the mission where you had to indulge in carnal pleasures with a square, treated as ruby’s friend, broke the pattern.

And yet, it is impossible to forget that blasted translation. So now you understand that it added charm, and then very irritated with the fact that it is unclear what they are saying. Or are they really crazy or is something wrong with the interpreter. But even this did not spoil the fun of the game, big as life itself, with lots of characters and plot twists. Now I’ll finish and go to the game. Go to the bar «10 green bottles», play Billiards, and then will go to San Fierro, I imagine there house looked after. Yes… After this you know why we all spent hours in this game.

Wolfenstein 3D


Topic»Vinrar so vinrar».

When appeared on the shelves of the continuation of the cult Castle Wolfenstein and beyond Castle Wolfenstein with a beautiful note, «3D», which has little to say to the ordinary man in the street, no one can’t imagine how it will all turn out. And turned out, in fact, the first made by all the canons of FPS games. Well, crazy for 1992, the year the graphics were amazing.

And what was the plan for the script? Everything is easier: an American spy of Polish origin, Joseph William Blazhkovich who was imprisoned in castle Wolfenstein, decided to run away and at the same time to kill Hitler. All in the spirit of the time. Simplicity is the key to success. It is not returned to the drama «Maxi Pany» and «Mafia». In the end, passing through hordes of SS of different levels, rabid dogs and Nazi-cyborgs, we have achieved the cherished goal. Walking through the endless maze of yours truly was spinning in the truest sense of the word. But how much joy was when another flag with a swastika was a secret room with lots of ammo and food to replenish health.

Then brought joy to even the face of the hero, swam with blood as the deterioration of his physical condition. A sharp gradation opponents… still don’t like people in blue uniforms. If you know what I mean.

If to speak about trash, waste and sodomy in the games, then, in ‘ 92, this feature is GTA V took over «Wolfenstein». Just to run through a maze, warmly draped with swastika, and other vestiges of fascism, while killing Nazis, it was very fun. The game included tactics, but nobody cared. All climbed under bullets: will carry – will not carry, after all, to paraphrase a classic: «This is the Third Reich, babe.»

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